Bachelor of Arts in Social Science Online Degree Completion Program
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Multidisciplinary Studies Option

Chico Distance & Online EducationDescription: Social scientists study the inter-relationships of individuals and groups within society. The major in Social Science is designed to offer students a broad background so they can develop a sensitivity to how individuals relate with one another within society. From 36 to 42 units are offered via Chico Distance & Online Education, with the remainder available at a community college. Courses for the upper division general studies requirement, called "Pathways," are also available online via Chico Distance & Online Education. The curriculum rotates on a two-year cycle. This option provides the social science curriculum preparation for the CSET exam, which is required for admission into credential work to teach Social Studies at the secondary level.

Specialization Studies Option

Description: Social scientists study the inter-relationships of individuals and groups within society. The major in social science is designed to offer students a broad background so they can develop sensitivity about how individuals relate with one another within society. The Specialization Studies Option is a 45-unit major which consists of 21 units from one of the primary advising concentrations and 15 units in a secondary concentration, plus an integrated capstone social science seminar and an introductory computer course. The primary and secondary concentrations available to online students are Sociology and Career and Life Planning. Most of the coursework is offered via Chico Distance & Online Education, with the remainder available at a community college. Upper division general studies thematic courses (called "Pathways") also are available online via Chico Distance & Online Education. Some courses in the curriculum rotate on a two-year cycle. The Social Science Frequently Asked Questions (below) provide additional valuable information.

Degree Information for Both Options: Social Science section of current University Catalog.
Advisor for Both Options: Erica White
Admission Process:

Frequently Asked Questions: Social Science Major

This FAQ was created by the Social Science faculty and is the best place to find answers to common advising questions. Start here before calling the advisor.

Why choose a Social Science major?

The Social Science Program (SOSC) curriculum provides a myriad of educational opportunities, both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Students select the Multidisciplinary Studies Option in this major to acquire a broad view of human behavior and concepts contained within the social sciences for personal knowledge and occupational goals in education. Other students select the Specialization Studies Option in the major to acquire social science knowledge and skills for professions that cross traditional academic boundaries.

What is the Social Science major?

The Social Science major consists of two options: Multidisciplinary Studies and Specialization Studies. Both options can be completed online with careful planning and communication with an advisor.

The Multidisciplinary Option allows students to explore the main currents of the world, acquire geographic literacy, and learn basic facts and concepts inherent in behavioral sciences and history. Students interested in a California teaching credential in Social Science can complete the Multidisciplinary pattern, which prepares them for subject matter competency and the CSET, an exam required for teacher credential programs. Information on the CSET exam and credentialing can be found on the website of the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing,

The Specialization Option is an interdisciplinary path of study that allows students to select two areas from 21 areas of concentration; the combination presently offered online is Sociology and Career and Life Planning. Students select this pattern if they are interested in working with social organizations or groups, including career placement or college and high school advising.

All Social Science majors enroll in three courses: a computer literacy class (SOSC 210); Great Books & Ideas in the Social Sciences (SOSC 300); and the Senior Capstone course (SOSC 495). The Senior Capstone course meets the University's writing proficiency requirement for graduation.

What is the Multidisciplinary Studies Option?

The online Multidisciplinary Studies Option is a broad, interdisciplinary, 45-unit major. Its primary intent is to give students a solid liberal arts grounding in the social sciences.

Students take classes in anthropology, economics, geography, political science, sociology, and history. You may download a copy of the major clearance form used to keep track of the requirements: Major Clearance Form - BA Social Science - Multidisciplinary Studies Option

What is the Specialization Studies Option?

The online Specialization Studies Option is a 45-unit major which includes 21 units from the Sociology primary concentration and 15 units in the Career and Life Planning secondary concentration. You may download a copy of this Social Science option's major clearance form: Major Clearance Form - BA Social Science - Specialization Studies Option

How can I obtain a teaching credential in social science?

The online Multidisciplinary Studies Option covers most of the courses that lead to subject matter competency for a single subject (Social Science) teaching credential. A credential in social science enables the holder to teach history, geography, government, and economics in grades 6-12. Subject matter competency, however, still requires passing the CSET single subject Social Science exam. Additional courses are required by the School of Education before student teaching can begin. Visit the School of Education's website for the most up-to-date listing of these requirements.

Can I get all the classes I need online?

Yes, you may take all classes online. This is a degree completion program, so only junior and senior level courses are offered. There are more courses offered some semesters than others, so planning is important. Please stay in contact with academic advisor Orlando Corcuera Benito by email.

What are the requirements to enter a teaching credential program?

It is best to contact the Education Department of the college where you plan to obtain your teaching credential for more information.

Is there further information about the program on the web?

Visit the Social Science website and check out the current University Catalog for additional information.

How can I get admitted?

The Admission/Registration page can help guide you.

Are there other options to full admission to the University?

The Open University Program provides an opportunity for students who have not been admitted to the university, or who have been denied admission or disqualified, to enroll in online courses, based on space availability and faculty permission. This program is not intended for long-term use by degree-seeking students as only 24 units of Open University classes can transfer into regular enrollment and Open University enrollment does not meet financial aid requirements. Open University is not available if you are enrolling for the same term as an admitted student, or if you are a non-resident of California who was enrolled for the previous term as a regular matriculated student. If you are enrolled as an Open University student and decide to apply for admission to the university, you must meet all regular admissions requirements.

Who is my academic advisor? How do we communicate?

The Social Science Program is a unique program. It allows students to take courses from many departments, or to concentrate on two disciplines or subject areas. Therefore, regular communication with the program's academic advisor, Orlando Corcuera Benito, is important.

What other kinds of information do I need?

To receive a Bachelor of Arts degree, you may need to complete other general education classes and requirements. For example, CSU, Chico has an upper division theme requirement (9 units), called Pathways, that all students must fulfill. Three Pathways themes are offered entirely online: Global Development Studies, International Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. The Social Science advisors can direct you to the appropriate online Pathways courses. If you have other concerns or questions about offices and resources that might be helpful to you as an online student, please go to our Student Services page.