Faculty Safety Information

To ensure your safety and the safety of the students enrolled in your course, please take a moment before your assigned class to familiarize yourself with the facility. Be aware of your surroundings and help anticipate any safety concerns by notifying Professional & Continuing Education during business hours or University Police after hours of any potentially unsafe conditions in your assigned classroom space. If your class is off campus, please contact the local classroom site representative if you have concerns.

In the event of an emergency requiring medical assistance or in the event of a fire, contact 911. If calling from a campus phone, dial 911. If calling from a personal cell phone about an emergency in a campus building, please inform the 911 operator that you are calling from the Chico State campus so the emergency services can coordinate with University Police.

Emergency evacuation procedures:

Evacuation of a building is REQUIRED when the building’s alarm system sounds or when you are instructed to do so by emergency and/or campus personnel.

  • Determine in advance the nearest exit to the classroom and the route you will follow. Establish an alternate route in the event your first route is blocked or unsafe to use.
  • Assist any students needing assistance
  • In case of fire, do not use the elevator
  • Once outside, proceed to a safe meeting area at least 100ft from the building
  • Meeting areas are flexible and should be adjusted depending on wind direction or the magnitude of the hazard
  • Remain at the meeting place
  • Attempt to account for all students
  • Stay at the designated evacuation area until the fire department or designated representative has given the “all clear” to re-enter the building.

For classes meeting on campus:

  • If a situation requires a section or the entire campus to be evacuated, personnel, students, and visitors will be directed to a safe place to go by the UPD, fire department, or designated representative.


Emergency Response Guide

Environmental Health & Safety (530) 898-5126
University Police 911, 9-911, or (530) 898-5555
Enloe Medical Center (530) 332-7300