Trauma-Informed Education

An Online Special Topics in Education Course for School Teachers, Administrators, Educational Professionals, and Graduate Students

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Photo of students in a library sitting in a circle, talking to a teacher.Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect nearly two million children in California across socioeconomic lines, putting them at risk for health, behavioral, and learning problems. The resulting trauma impacts a child’s school performance, impairs learning, and causes physical and emotional distress. In addition, trauma impacts not only the individual child, but also other students, adults who interact and work with the child, and the respective schools and communities. [sources]

But trauma is more than ACEs scores, and school systems can do more than just react to trauma. Educators and systems need to also proactively address trauma through healing-centered approaches.

New Online Course from the Chico State School of Education

To support educators in building and leading trauma-informed schools, the Chico State School of Education has created the online, graduate-level course EDMA 620: Trauma-Informed Education. The course provides school practitioners (i.e., teachers, administrators, and support professionals) with a research-based introduction to trauma, trauma-based education, and equity-centered trauma-informed practices. Participants have opportunities to design a plan to implement trauma-informed practices in a classroom or organization and make connections to social-emotional learning and Universal Design for Learning. 

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Who Should Take This Course

The course is online, asynchronous, and self-paced to accommodate work and study schedules. (Plan to spend 90-120 hours on readings, projects, and other coursework.)

• School teachers, administrators, and educational professionals who want to integrate trauma-informed practices to support students in their schools and classrooms. Successful completion of the course provides 3 units of academic credit, which may be used toward professional development or advancement. 

• Graduate students in a MA in Education program. This course is an approved elective for the Chico State MA in Education program. Participants from other schools should consult with their academic advisor to ensure that the course units will transfer to their program. 

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Define trauma, identify types of trauma, and describe assessment of trauma.
  • Describe an equity-based approach to trauma-informed practice and care.
  • Make connections to Social Emotional Learning and SEL standards.
  • Explain and use a variety of trauma informed practices in the classroom:

- Maintaining teacher wellness
- Examining systems and structures of trauma
- Creating supportive environments
- Building relationships
- Develop student self-regulation
- Promoting resilience, grit, and growth
- Students will be able to use APA style in professional communication (i.e., papers, posters, proposals, and/or presentations).

Program Cost

Course fees are $750 ($250/unit x 3 units).

Course Registration

  • Participants can register any time and begin the course right away.
  • Access to the class will be available within 3–5 business days of your registration.
  • Participants have six months to complete the coursework. 

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Grades & Transcripts

Grades are typically available 3 weeks after the grade deadline for the semester in which the course is completed. For example, if you complete the course in September of the fall term, grades and transcripts will be available after the grading deadline at the end of December.

Official and unofficial transcripts can be ordered from the Student Records and Registration Office.