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California Teachers Association LogoCalifornia Teachers Association and Chico State Regional & Continuing Education offer conferences that focus on issues and challenges encountered in professional service and aim to meet the needs of individuals seeking vocational improvement and career advancement.

By attending these conferences you can earn university credits on a Chico State transcript, which may be valid for professional credit at the discretion of local school districts. These credits do not, however, meet degree or credential requirements* and are not calculated in the Grade Point Average.

Summer 2022 University Credit Program

Attend in-person or virtual conferences and accumulate professional growth hours that qualify for university credit units. CTA will cover the cost of up to 6 units! 

  • 15 hours = 1 credit unit.
  • Please submit 1 application for every 15 hours/1 credit unit you wish to claim.
  • Submissions open June 10, 2022
  • The deadline for submissions is August 10, 2022
  • Qualifying conferences are listed on the CTA program page.
  • No need to submit certificates or other documents. CTA will verify your hours completed.
  • CTA will pay the cost of up to 6 units.
    There are no additional self-pay units offered with this summer’s program.

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Please make sure to check with your district HR office or local chapter president to ensure that professional development credits can help you advance on your salary schedule.

Deadlines to submit your request forms:

  • For Fall ’21 Units: December 1
    Transcripts available after December 31
  • For Winter ’21/’22 Units: January 21
    Transcripts available after January 31
  • For Spring ’22 Units: May 9
    Transcripts available after May 31
  • For Summer '22 Units: August 10
    Transcripts available after August 31

IMPORTANT: CTA students are exempt from Chico State's immunization requirements but still must self certify each semester that you will not be physically accessing campus facilities. Failure to complete the self-certification process will result in a withdrawal from classes and loss of units. Your enrollment confirmation will contain instructions on how to self certify.

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Completing a Micro-certification? Apply Here:
• CTA/NEA Micro-Certification Program

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Your grades can be viewed online through the Chico State Portal. If you have not activated a portal account, follow the steps below. You will need to enter your date of birth and the nine-digit Chico State Portal ID number you received with your registration confirmation.

Step 1. Go to the "Claim Your Account" page
Step 2. Enter your Chico State ID & date of birth
Step 3. Answer the security questions
Step 4. Your account should be activated
Step 5. Enter the Student Center
Step 6. Select "Grades" under Academic History
Step 7. Select the term you wish to view grades

If you did not supply Continuing Education with your date of birth you will not have access to activate an account. If you are experiencing difficulty and do not remember if you supplied us with your date of birth, you should contact our office so that this information can be added to the system. Once the system is updated, approximately 24 hours after you contact us, you should have access. If you do not, please contact the Help Desk at 530-898-HELP (4357) or

If you have already created a Chico State Portal account, you can log in with your username (generally your first initial and last name) and the unique password you've already created.

Information regarding grades prior to summer 2004 will require a transcript request form available to download at

Official Transcripts

You can request an official, mailed transcript online. For questions regarding other services offered by Student Records and Registration please visit Teachers requesting transcripts for salary increments should note the Special Instructions and review the processing outline to ensure timely receipt of transcripts. Your transcript shows work for courses numbered 001-899. Courses numbered 800-899 do not apply towards a degree unless approved by the appropriate department. Successful completion of an 800 level course will appear on the transcript with a CR or Letter grade and a value in the attempted field that may not be reflected in the earned field or the summary totals. Credit/No Credit Grading: If you plan to transfer to graduate or professional schools, be aware that some schools in evaluating transfer credit may regard Credit (CR) grades as C's and No Credit (NC) grades as F's.


Refunds are only granted if your request to Regional & Continuing Education is prior to the day of the conference. No refund is granted after the conference has begun.


* These courses are designed to meet objectives not served by established graduate and undergraduate courses. However, in exceptional cases and with the approval of the appropriate department chair and the dean of your school, they may be applied toward degree and credential programs for which such courses are deemed acceptable. Determination of the acceptability of these courses for degree and credential credit will depend primarily upon course content and approach. If you are considering using these courses for credential or degree purposes, consult with the appropriate department before registering.