Multi-Disciplinary Professional Development

Information For County Offices & Authorizing Agents

This course will integrate curriculum reform with teaching strategies in a variety of subject areas. The purpose of this course is to assist educators in developing comprehensive teaching plans and actions that are standards-based. A variety of technologies may be used in the delivery of these courses.

The course number will be 800 level and the number sequence will change each semester in fall, spring, and summer. The course title will be Multi-Disciplinary Professional Development.

Region 2 CISC Board Members and Education Services Directors: 

As the assistant/associate/deputy superintendent of your county or district, you are responsible for finalizing and verifying the enrollment.

How does one earn the hours?

Each unit of credit is based on 15 hours of instructional contact. The hours may be earned in combination with a variety of delivery systems, e.g., a two-hour virtual/online program followed by a two-hour workshop conducted by a curriculum specialist. The educator can then count four hours towards the unit of credit.

What is required by you as a county/district agent?

  • Each participant’s attendance must be verified by the facilitator using an attendance sheet or attach a completion certificate.
  • You will need to provide an attendance sign-in sheet/log for each program you offer and keep a copy on file.
  • Professional & Continuing Education does not roll hours from one term to the next—educators must keep track of 15-hour increments on their attendance sheet and use separate forms if they wish to apply hours to different terms.
  • The final enrollment requesting the units requires your signature verifying the information to be true and accurate.
  • You may, at your discretion, require additional course work in order to earn the requested credit.
  • If there is no sign-off by you, no credit will be granted.  Your signature is required on the enrollment verification form.
  • All hours submitted for credit must have occurred within the last 12 months. No future hours will be considered for credit.

Fees are $75 per unit of credit. Fees are subject to change.

A late fee of $10.00 per class will apply after the following dates:

  • Fall Term: December 1. Official transcripts available after December 31.
  • Spring Term: May 1. Official transcripts available after May 31.
  • Summer Term: August 1. Official transcripts available after August 31.

How to start: 

The enrollment/attendance verification form and educator information is available online. You may want to link this site to your own website to facilitate access for individual educators. It will be their responsibility to maintain this record and submit to their designated county/district office for signature approval. For your reference, we strongly encourage you to make a copy of the verification form for your files. Verification forms may be submitted at any time during the semester.


These courses are graded credit/no credit and do not meet degree or credential requirements. Successful completion of an 800 level course will appear on the transcript with a CR and a value in the attempted field that may not be reflected in the earned field or the summary totals since these units do not apply for degrees or credentials and are not calculated in the overall GPA.

How students can access grade information:

If a participant has created a Chico State Student Portal account, they can access grades through the CSC Portal. Each participant will receive a registration confirmation with information on how to claim a Student Portal Account. Questions from participants should be directed to Professional & Continuing Education at or 530-898-6105.

Official Transcripts can be requested through the Student Records office via mail at:

Student Records and Registration
400 W. First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0720
Attn: Transcripts

A request form is available at for printing or online submission.