Multi-Disciplinary Professional Development For Educators

Course Description

This course integrates curriculum reform with teaching strategies in a variety of subject matter areas. The purpose of this course is to assist educators in developing comprehensive teaching plans and actions that are standards-based.

Each unit of credit is based on 15 hours of instruction, which may be earned through a variety of delivery systems. For example, a two-hour online program followed by a two-hour workshop conducted by a curriculum specialist would count as four hours toward the unit of credit.

Verification of Hours

You need to maintain an attendance verification form for each workshop attended and the hours participated. The final enrollment requesting the units requires your signature verifying the information to be true and accurate, the facilitator's signature at each workshop, or a certificate of completion for online participation, and the verifying signature of the designated administrator, (i.e., assistant superintendent at your County Office of Education or the appointed administrator for selected school districts). Download a list of County Office signatories and contact information.

Submitting Hours for Course Credit

  • 15 hours are required for 1 unit of University credit. Partial units are not available.
  • Hours submitted must be within a one-year (or less) timeframe from start to finish and submitted immediately for credit to avoid having your hours expire.
  • Hours more than one-year old are not acceptable for credit. 
  • Unless a $10 late fee is included, hours submitted will be enrolled under the term for which the deadline was met.
  • Late enrollments may only go back one term. Hours must still fall within the one-year timeframe outlined as above.
  • Use separate forms if you wish to apply hours to different terms.
  • No future hours will be considered.
  • The maximum units that can be earned in a single term is 10.
  • Continuing Education does not keep track of hours in excess of 15-hour increments; that is the responsibility of the registrant. You are strongly encouraged to keep copies of forms submitted.

View Courses & Deadlines

The original copy of the enrollment/attendance verification form must be returned to the Professional & Continuing Education office at via your county office. A printable version of this form is available by downloading the registration form.

For your reference, we strongly encourage you to make a copy of the verification form for your files.

Fee Payment

Professional & Continuing Education will review your submitted form and if all information is correct and complete, we will reach out to you to pay the $75/unit fee by phone. If you prefer, you may also mail a check, payable to Professional & Continuing Education, with your form to 400 W. First St., Chico, CA. 95929-0250


These courses are graded credit/no credit and do not meet degree or credential requirements. This is an umbrella course used to enroll educators who attend various workshops or conferences throughout the year.

Grades can be accessed online through the Chico State Portal at Access requires you to activate a Portal account with the University if you are a first time user. You may contact Professional & Continuing Education for your student ID number or refer to your registration confirmation. In the upper left-hand corner you will find a nine-digit number, this is your Chico State ID.


The title that will appear on your transcript will be: Multi-Disciplinary Professional Development. Again, we strongly encourage you to make a copy of the verification form for your files.

Successful completion of an 800 level course will appear on the transcript with a CR or Letter grade and a value in the attempted field that may not be reflected in the earned field or the summary totals. Credit/No Credit Grading: If you plan to transfer to graduate or professional schools, be aware that some schools in evaluating transfer credit may regard Credit (CR) grades as C's and No Credit (NC) grades as F's. 

The Student Records & Registration Office can provide copies of your Official Transcripts. For ordering options, please visit their web site.