Complete a Non-Credit Workshop Proposal

Submit a Non-Credit Workshop Proposal form using our online form or a writable pdf form. Please fill in all sections completely before submitting your proposal. Below is some information to help you through the sections of the form.

Section 1

Requested Scheduling: Indicate which term to offer the course. Continuing Education observes the same semester and holiday dates as the regular University.

Section 2a

Type of Course: Please check and complete those that apply.

Available as a Credit Course: If the workshop is also being offered as a credit course, please list the Academic department course number through which the proposal has been submitted.

Registration Deadline: Each instructor is allowed to set a registration deadline. On that date, the instructor may decide whether to offer the class or cancel. If no deadline is set, you must meet the first class. If the decision is to offer the course, students may enroll after the deadline.

Minimum Enrollment: Please indicate the minimum number of students needed for the class to be held.

Maximum Enrollment: If the class will have an enrollment limit, please indicate the number.

Course Should NOT be Advertised: If a course is not open to the general public (e.g., by invitation only) and should not be advertised in the Continuing Education Class schedule, please check here.

Section 3

The course description will be used to draft copy for the Continuing Education class schedule, website, and for other marketing purposes so you are encouraged to write with your specific audience in mind.

Section 4

Please provide your full address, phone numbers, and email address. At times students have questions the Continuing Education staff are not able to answer. We would like to refer those questions to the faculty. Please indicate by checking the appropriate box if your home or work number can be released to interested students.

Section 6

Requested Scheduling Dates, Days of Week, Start/End Time: Indicate the exact days the class will meet, e.g., Aug., 10, S, 8am-5pm (days of week are abbreviated M-T-W-R-F-S-U).

Keep in mind your target population when scheduling dates and times. Number of trips to class, travel time, and work schedules can all have an impact on participation.

Building/Room: If you have a preference for a particular building and room, please let us know. We will do our best to reserve the room requested. If your course takes place at an off campus location, please indicate here.

Special Room Needs: Special room needs may include an overhead, VCR and TV monitor, film projector, sink, tables, etc.

Section 7

Target Audience: Please provide detailed information on the types of people expected to participate to help us promote your course.

Section 8

Course Fee: Indicate the cost of the course and any additional fees. Additional fees may be purchase of materials, duplicating fee, etc., and will be collected by Continuing Education. Print materials can be duplicated on a limited basis for you. You must contact us before authorizing any work. Please note the total suggested fee as well.

Section 9

Pay Status: Determines the method of payment for your workshop. Different pay documents must be completed depending on the status selected. Independent contractor status is defined as meeting certain criteria, e.g., expertise in a designated area, principle place of business located elsewhere, limited work relationship with Chico State, or ownership of your own business, etc.  If the criteria are met then a Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) must be completed. If you do not meet the criteria for independent contractor, payroll status is assigned. Please check the new instructor box if you have never taught a class for Continuing Education.