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Program Curriculum

Learn from Industry Leaders, Professionals & Educational Experts

This exclusive program will allow the natural born leader to network with some of the most fascinating women in today’s ever-changing society as they are guided, taught, and motivated through the curriculum. Renowned female professionals and highly experienced, educated experts become accessible at the touch of an email, chat, or discussion forum post in the digital platform.

Modules 1-3 ~ Women of the Networking Hive

Breaking down barriers to achieve greatness is one of the many talents of high achieving female networkers. These same female leaders demonstrate exemplary foresight and finesse in achieving engagement and improving ROI through understanding and teaching the value of organizational and communal relationships.

In this module, students are taught how to effectuate change within an organization through inspiring positive self-awareness, dialogue, and motivation.

  • Positive Networking and Managing for Female Leaders
  • Female Strength, Style, and Strategies of Confidence
  • High Achieving Women Role Models
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In this module, students are taught how to overcome individual barriers and utilize these experiences to inspire and lead team dynamics for success.

  • Understanding and Assessing Empathy among Employees and Colleagues
  • Individual and Interpersonal Barriers
  • Training Teams for Greatness
  • Why TEDx, EI Movies and YouTube Inspire

In this module, students are taught how to leverage their communal efforts to improve and empower relationships resulting in increased organizational performance.

  • Engaging Your Community and Increasing Your Ethical ROI
  • Share of Voice and Collaboration for Profit
  • Corporate Social Responsibility or Opportunity?
  • The Cross-pollination of Humanitarian Efforts and its Effects on the Bottom Line

Modules 4-6 ~ Authenticity, Inclusion, and Decisiveness

Being authentic to oneself and utilizing that integrity to help promote positive organizational culture and change strategy is significant to the ROI of a company's investment in its people. Understanding diversity and emphasizing clear goals and decision making as it pertains to leadership are also challenges faced daily in the work force.

In this module, students are taught to embrace their current position in leadership through developing and exercising an action plan that teaches them how to Learn, Interact, utilize a Framework for action, and Excel (LIFE) as a female leaders while balancing their professional and personal lives.

  • Embracing Self-Confidence & Leadership Identity in a Global Crisis
  • LIFE: Learn. Interact. Frameworks. Excel.
  • Progressive Conservatism and Women Leadership
  • Action Planning for the Motivated Woman Mentor

In this module, students are taught strategies on how to communicate with a dynamic work force and face the challenges, barriers, and exceptions for inclusion and diversity. An emphasis on adversity and appropriate communication techniques are shared.

  • Overcoming Challenges with Diversity and Adversity in the Dynamic Work Environment
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns
  • Power Plays and Gender Rituals
  • Styles for Speaking and Presentation

In this module, students are taught how and when to take decisive action in managing the behavior of the organization.

  • Decision Making & Practice for Employee Personnel and Administration
  • Female influence and decision-making processes
  • Advocacy and Reformation for Change in Policy
  • Resource Allocation to Improve Employee Performance and Exercise Influence

Modules 7-8 ~ Transactional Leadership, Negotiations, and Intellectual Growth

Walking into the boardroom, confidence and resolution hold the key to success. Yet, so are the styles, behavior, and actions of the female executive whose ability to bring about transformational and transactional workmanship hold resolute.

In this module, students are taught how to use the power of their actions to lead and manage efforts of the organization resulting in measurable constructs and accountability.

  • Collaborative Communication Processes and Skills for Negotiation
  • Respect, Resolution, Returns for Women Negotiators
  • Close to the Vest Strategies; She Who Speaks First Loses the Game

In this module, students are taught how ideas are generated within an organization that leads to transactional and transformational success and intellectual growth. The dichotomy of both styles of leadership, as seen in historical female leaders, is reviewed.

  • Idea Sprinting and the Birth of New Products as a Means for Intellectual Growth and Materiality
  • Behavior Styles of the Lioness as it applies to Leadership Theory
  • Leader-Member Exchange Theory
  • Agility, Mentorship, Instilling Standards for Achievement amongst Employees