Program Curriculum

This exclusive program will allow the natural born leader to network with some of the most fascinating women in today’s ever-changing society as they are guided, taught, and motivated through the curriculum. Renowned female professionals and highly experienced, educated experts become accessible at the touch of an email, chat, or discussion forum post in the digital platform.

Module 1 ~ Pillars of Positivity

Explore the important pillars of positivity and networking for female leaders. Learn to successfully lead change in your organization by understanding your strengths and how to use them, both intentionally and purposefully.

  • Develop your own feminine strength, style and strategies.
  • Discover the power of high achieving female role models.
  • Break down silos and shatter the glass ceiling.

Module 2 ~ Inspiring Emotional Intelligence

Identify and assess empathy among employees and colleagues. Discover how to use your own experiences to inspire and lead team dynamics.

  • Overcome individual and interpersonal barriers.
  • Learn how to train teams for greatness.
  • Uncover the elements of emotional intelligence that make an impact on your organization.

Module 3 ~ Winning Work-Life Balance & Mentoring

Embrace your self-confidence and expand your leadership while balancing your professional and personal life. Then, delve into mentorship and discover the rewards for everyone, including your organization.

  • Identify the four essential elements of balance: learn, interact, framework, excel.
  • Explore the benefits of a flexible working environment.
  • Develop an action plan to help foster mentorship opportunities.

Module 4 ~ Improving Communication Habits

Overcome challenges with diversity and adversity in a dynamic work environment. Generate strategies to communicate with a dynamic work force while facing challenges and embracing inclusivity.

  • Uncover verbal and nonverbal communication patterns.
  • Examine gender differences in leadership styles.
  • Develop your own style for speaking and presenting.

Module 5 ~ Advocacy, Actions & Accountability

Create your own advocacy plan, define your success measurements, and what resources you’ll need. Learn to be more assertive, when to take decisive actions, and how to allocate resources to hold everyone accountable.

  • Identify how female encouragement is used in the decision-making process.
  • Generate advocacy and reformation for policy change.
  • Learn to properly allocate resources to influence and improve employee performance.

Module 6 ~ Skills for Contracts & Negotiations

Develop collaborative communication processes and skills for negotiation. Harness the power of your actions to lead and manage efforts in your organization, resulting in measurable and accountable projects.

  • Discover ways to enhance your confidence, behavior, and actions during the negotiation process.
  • Understand the benefits of respect, resolution and returns for female negotiators.
  • Learn close-to-the-vest strategies – she who speaks first often loses the game.

Module 7 ~ Driving Ideas, Intellectual Growth & Transformation

Learn to use idea sprinting and new product development as a means for intellectual growth and relevancy. Determine how ideas generated within an organization lead to transformational and transactional success.

  • Identify the importance of the leader-member exchange theory.
  • Explore methods that foster idea generation.
  • Drive relationship-based innovation and learn how it impacts achievement among employees

Module 8 ~ Executive Leadership & Organizational Culture

Learn how the rise of female-ran businesses has caused ripple effects in the way leadership and company culture is defined. But there’s still work to be done to create a culture that fully embraces and leverages diversity.

  • Assess your own company and the impact of female leadership on your culture.
  • Review different diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and learn how to get involved.
  • Discuss challenges and improvements in organizational culture.