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In our society and in the workplace, women are faced with complex issues in a dynamic environment. Though they have historically been under-capitalized, today's women own more than 12 million businesses in the United States and continually meet or exceed company expectations in study after study. The Women in Leadership Professional Development Program through Professional & Continuing Education at Chico State, in partnership with Zschool, serves as a platform for leading women to engage and uplift each other by inspiring positive change. Through education and instruction, you will learn how to navigate the nuances of leading a powerful organization. Through dialogue and exercises, the women mentors in the program will demonstrate their thought leadership, break down barriers, disrupt change, and influence behavior.

Become a Best-in-Class Leader

As a participant in Women in Leadership self-paced online professional development course, you will develop the strategies, dialogue, and interpersonal skills to help lead your organization to greater success and profitability through a curriculum that consists of a series of eight scholarly and well-crafted modules. Key questions will be answered around authenticity, diversity, inclusion, and emotional intelligence as a metaphor for good stewardship.

You will engage through interactive stories, discussions, exercises, and opportunities for excellence that explore and implement action. Honest self-assessments and portfolio skills are developed and deployable through a hands-on action plan.

Benefits to You

• Discover the authentic self and translate this new-found discovery into impactful skills for leadership.
• Learn the secrets of happiness for work-life balance as a female leader by reducing noise, encouraging clarity, suppressing toxicity, and improving yourself and the organization's health and well-being.
• Set boundaries for negotiation and strategy in making actionable, positive, result-oriented decisions.
• Understand the many faces of transformational and transactional leadership and its effect on obtaining an ethical ROI.
• Learn to assert your power and position without compromising your integrity.
• Evade the antiquated methods of defining your worth and demonstrate your real value through appropriate communication and dialogue.

Your Organization Benefits from a Leader Who Can

• Employ strategies for accountability to reduce lost revenue and improve work performance.
• Convert unproductive employee conflict to profitable dialogue.
• Encourage high-value employees to realize their potential within the existing organizational context and foster that potential through honed and perfected managerial skills.
• Develop specific tools for managing communication and productivity among diverse, interpersonal styles.
• Encourage the health and wellbeing of employees by improving overall organizational behavior.
• Perfect skills for asserting decisions and negotiations, resulting in an improved bottom line.

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* The Women in Leadership Professional Development Program is offered in collaboration with Zschool.