Summer Open University

Summer Open University through Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) allows anyone not currently a Chico State student enrolled in the spring '24 term or graduating in May '24* to take classes for academic credit during the summer term. Students enroll on a space-available basis with instructor permission.

  • There is no formal application or admission process.
  • Earn transferable credits, up to 24 units toward a bachelor’s degree or 9 units toward a master’s degree.

Request a Class Today!

Step 1: Complete the Summer Open University Add Form

Select your class(es) from the Chico State schedule of courses. Submit an Add Form (it will open at 8am) for each class you wish to take. The form(s) will be routed for permission and signatures. 

The info needed for the Add Form is noted here below.

  • If you are not a Chico State student, you can leave that field blank.
  • The signature field at the very bottom of the form will also cover the "Student Acknowledgement" signature line.

Step 2: Class Enrollment

After we receive the required permissions, we will enroll you in the class(es) beginning Friday, May 17. Once enrolled, you'll receive an overnight confirmation email.

Step 3: Pay Fees Once Enrollment is Complete

After you receive your enrollment confirmation email, claim your student account if you don't already have one, and log into your Student Center to pay the course fees within 24 hours. If you prefer to pay by phone, call 530-898-6105.

Open University Fees

  • Fees are $302/unit.*
  • Fees are due at the time of enrollment. If fees are not paid within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation email, you will be dropped from the class. 
  • A $10 late fee will be charged for any registrations after the 3rd day of the course. 
  • Financial aid is not available to cover fees.
  • Any debt to the University or registration holds must be resolved before registration can take place.

Special Eligibility Requirements & Restrictions

  • International Students / Non-U.S. Citizens may need to provide additional documentation in order to enroll.
  • Chico State benefitted employees (state and CSE) who work a minimum .40 appointment are eligible for reduced fees of $75/unit.
  • If you are an Open University student and decide to apply for admission to the University, you must meet all regular admission requirements. Contact the University Admissions Office for additional information.

Drop or Swap a Class


  • To drop a class, please submit a Drop Form. Failure to do so constitutes an unofficial withdrawal and can result in a failing grade for the course.
  • The form will be routed for any required approvals. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Professional & Continuing Education once you've been dropped from the course.


  • If you'd like to change from one course to another, please submit a Swap Form.
  • The form will be routed for any required approvals.
  • Students can request swaps through the 1st day of the course, and any fees paid will be transferred to the new course.
  • After the 1st day, a 65% refund will be given for the dropped course and the added course will be charged at the full rate. 
  • After the 3rd day, a serious and compelling reason must be given. No refund will be given for the dropped course, and the student must pay full price for the newly added course.


Drop before the 1st day of the courseFull refund
Drop the 1st day of the courseFull refund minus $15 processing fee
Drop the 2nd or 3rd day of the course65% refund minus $5 processing fee
Drop the 4th day of the courseNo refund
Semester-long TBA courses
Drops after 6/23 or 25% of the course
No Refund

Additional Information


For information on official transcripts, please visit the Student Records Office.

Apply Open University Units Toward a Degree

The maximum amount of Open University credit that may be applied toward a Chico State undergraduate (BA or BS) degree is 24 units, and 9 units for a masters degree. At that point, you are expected to be admitted to Chico State to continue your degree coursework. If you are planning to pursue a master's degree, please refer to the department of the major to check the unit limit. Note: Master's Thesis/Project (699) courses cannot be taken through Open University.

Student Health Services

If you are taking six or more units you may have access to Student Health Services for $276 per semester. If you're interested, please email Continuing Education.

Have More Questions? 

Check out our FAQ page!

* Open University students are not admitted to Chico State and are therefore not eligible to receive federal loans or financial aid. You may, however, be eligible for other options, such as loans. Per unit cost indicated is for undergraduate courses and does not include any other additional course fees. Actual cost may vary and are subject to change.