RN to BSN Program Jump Start Option

A.D.N. Students from Butte College, College of the Redwoods, College of the Siskiyous, Mendocino College, Yuba College and Shasta College are eligible for the Jump Start Option.

The Jump Start Option is the CSU, Chico RN to BSN Program version of informal co-enrollment. It is for students who have completed the necessary coursework requirements for admission to the CSU, Chico RN to BSN Program, meet the GPA requirements, and are achieving a 3.0 GPA in their A.D.N. program. See the CSU, Chico A.D.N RN to BSN Transfer Worksheet for your A.D.N. Program for the specifics. The worksheet is available on the School of Nursing website.

While still enrolled in their A.D.N. program, qualified students may take one or both of the two Upper Division GE classes—RELS 332-World Religions & Global Issues and MCGS 310-LGBTQ Issues & Identities—required for the RN to BSN Program. Registration for these online classes is through CSU, Chico Regional & Continuing Education and admission to the University is not required.

• During fall & spring semesters, enroll through the Open University program at openu.csuchico.edu.
• During Summer or Winter Session, visit summer.csuchico.edu and winter.csuchico.edu for schedules and registration.

Completing one or both of these courses while still in the A.D.N. program ensures top priority points for admission to the RN to BSN Program (if all other admission requirements are met). This option provides an easier transition for new graduates, as they will only need two fall semester courses, instead of three, and get a winter break if they complete both courses.

For More Information

Robbin Guynn
RN to BSN Advisor for the School of Nursing

Melissa Cheatham
RN-BSN Program Advisor
530-898-4638 | mcheatham@csuchico.edu

For additional information about the program, visit the School of Nursing website.