Registration Information for University Center Students

You are considered a continuing state-support student if you have been officially admitted to the university and you were enrolled during the previous semester. (If you skipped a semester without enrolling in courses and did not file a Planned Educational Leave [PEL], you will be considered a re-admit student.) It is important to check the academic calendar and associated deadlines early in this process.

Step 1. Talk to an Advisor

It is recommended that you talk to an advisor before or during the registration process from (1) general academic advising and/or (2) major program advising. Be sure you have read the section of the University Catalog that pertains to bachelor's degree and to specific program requirements before you call your advisor.

Step 2. Prepare your Course List

This process will provide you with a list of your courses before using the CSC Portal to enroll. Prepare your course list by doing a course search of all Redding courses and online courses.

Step 3. Registration through the Portal

Using your course list, you are now ready to log on to the Portal to register. For the fall and spring terms you will receive a letter and be invited to register on a specific day. The only way to request enrollment in a course is through the Portal.

Step 4: Pay Your Fees

You will be responsible to pay your registration fees by the appropriate deadline. For all pertinent information about financial aid opportunities, check the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office website or call the office at  530-898-6451.

Step 5: How do I Access my Online Class?

If you have enrolled in an online course, the Portal will provide you with access to the courses in which you are enrolled. First, click on "My Course Resources" and then on "Blackboard Learn." If you have any problems using the Portal, just call IT Support Services, 1-800-780-4837 or 530-898-4357, and the technical staff there will assist you. If you prefer, help is also available by email or live chat.  Many instructors should have instructional materials available starting one week prior to the start of the semester.

Step 6: Be Prepared for Class

If a syllabus is posted, review the course outline and book list. Starting approximately three weeks before classes start, you can purchase your books online through the Chico State Wildcat Store. Click on the box with the words "Chico Distance & Online Education," near the bottom of the page.

Step 7: How do I Drop a University Center or Online Course?

To drop a University Center or online course during the first two weeks of the semester, utilize the registration tool on the Chico State Connection web portal. To check the deadline dates for dropping a course, please see deadline information or contact the Registration Office at 530-898-4555.

Up until the end of the second week of the semester, you may drop courses through your portal account. During the third and fourth weeks of the semester, the instructor's permission -- in the form of a signature -- is needed on an Add/Drop Form. For distance students, this permission may be in the form of an email from the instructor. Contact Continuing Education at 530-898-6105 and we will fill out the form and request permission for you.

After the fourth week, a serious and compelling reason is required for dropping a course. We will contact the instructor, the department chair and the dean to request written approval for the drop and complete the Add/Drop Form. After the approvals are granted, we will forward the completed documents to the Registration Office for processing. Please check your Portal account at least two weeks after your Add/Drop Form has been submitted to make sure you have been dropped from the course.

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need special disability accommodations for accessing any information on this website, please contact Professional & Continuing Education. For accommodations for an event, workshop, or online or on-campus class, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center.