Professional Development Courses & Workshops
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The mission of the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) is to provide support for students and recent alumni to build their own businesses.

The Center aims to help students move beyond the classroom, remove the barriers to success, and pave the way for a successful business launch. Each semester CFE hosts a variety of competitions and events to challenge students and expose them to real-world ideas. In addition, successful entrepreneurs come to campus to speak about their experiences.

More information is available on the Center for Entrepreneurship website.

Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship

Overcoming Barriers: Breakthrough and Create Exponential Business Growth

Prem Chand

Founder and and CEO of Growth Factors

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Prem Chand grew up on a farm, working hard and selling produce as a kid. This gave him a drive for success. He started his own company which quickly grew. Chand reveals some of the biggest challenges and obstacles in growing his international company. He focuses on high performance culture, marketing, and data-driven operations. He gives advice on strategies to build your own brand, identity, and personal success.

Presentation Time: 52 minutes

Jeff Spence: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

Jeff Spence

Entrepreneur & CSU, Chico Alum

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During his time as a CSU, Chico student, Jeff Spence earned bachelor’s degrees in physics and electrical engineering, and also set records running for the track team. But what he’s done since then spurred organizers of the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship to choose him as the keynote speaker of their annual conference. Since his college days, Spence has founded 11 companies and invested in approximately 40 others. Spence defines entrepreneurship as having a focus on a goal. More than that, he emphasizes, it’s the pursuit of a goal – and there’s often failure to overcome along the way. But Spence tells his audience not to be timid and to keep the pursuit going.

Presentation Time: 54 minutes

The Writer’s Voice: Creative Non-Fiction

Dr. Daryl Farmer

Faculty, Department of English, University of Alaska-Fairbanks


Dr. Daryl Farmer reads from and discusses “Bicycling Beyond the Divide: Two Journeys into the West.” His book follows him on his 5,000-mile journey through the diverse populations and ever-changing physical and social landscapes that make up America. In 1985, Dr. Farmer traveled by bicycle through 11 Western states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. He wrote his book 20 years later, using the notes from the journal he kept while “on the road.” His story takes place in the context of the world of the mid-1980s and also in the context of his current perspective. He is the recipient of Barnes and Nobel’s Discover Great New Writers Award.


Presentation Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes