Passport to Learning


Study abroad is defined as any campus instructional program for which the student pays fees to the CSU and which is in whole or part conducted at a site(s) outside of the United States of America, is not a degree program, and is normally one academic year or less in duration. All international travel involving students must be reviewed by the California State University, Chico Study Abroad Advisory Committee.

Relevant policies that govern self-support study abroad include the following Chancellor’s Office Executive Orders.

International programs must not operate in companies where there is a US State Department Travel Warning without the approval of the Chancellor.

All CSU study abroad programs must consider the health, safety, and security of students, staff, and faculty as a central feature of planning and operation and must require students to carry medical insurance that will be valid in the host country(ies).

Study abroad programs must include a pre-departure orientation about the destination including health, safety, security, specific legal exposure or political restrictions related to their status in the country, CSU or campus policies and procedures for study abroad, and financial information.

All international travel involving students must be submitted to the Study Abroad Advisory Committee for review. Non-CSU program providers must be approved by the Study Abroad Advisory Committee and there must be a written agreement with each program provider.

Student air travel shall be conducted in ways which offer the least risk to the safety of participants and to the liability of the California State University.

All students participating in CSU-affiliated programs which require travel shall be informed in writing that participation in such programs is voluntary and that travel involves risks to personal safety which could result in damage to property, injury or death. Students participating in such travel shall be informed in writing that the CSU assumes no liability for damage, injury, or death occurring on such voluntary travel and those students undertake such travel at their own risk.

The University maintains a Student Travel Accident Insurance policy and has negotiated a Foreign Travel Program for students and faculty. Travel insurance is required for all faculty-led study abroad programs and is included in the program fee to ensure that all students and faculty are insured. For more information, visit the Risk Management website.

Special sessions are a means whereby the instructional programs of the CSU can be provided to matriculated students on a self-support basis at times and in locations not supported by State General Fund appropriations.

Special session fees must cover the costs of instruction and other services.