Wellness Center Workshops

Online video forums from the Chico State Counseling & Wellness Center explore areas of student interest and promote healthy lifestyles. The online application allows you to access the materials at any time, review the presentation multiple times, and print any handouts. 

Take Back Your Life: A guide to setting yourself up for success

Eli Lacayo & Alex MendozaTake Back Your Life
UMatter Interns
Counseling & Wellness Center, Chico State

College can be extremely overwhelming. From stressing over school assignments, to working a job, to meeting new people, mental health is jeopardized for students. As Eli Lacayo & Alex Mendoza explain, it’s okay to not be okay. Stress, sadness, and bad feelings in general are normal. However they reveal when it is time to get help. Not only may you be in crisis, but recognizing this state in other people is important as well. They illustrate the significance of empathy, and how we can help one another to identify our feelings and realize when we need help. Presentation time: 41 minutes | View Now

Holistic Approaches to Stress Reduction

stress reduction

Aldebra Shroll, M.D.
Chico State Student Health Service

Dr. Aldebra Shroll of the campus Student Health Service talks about the importance of stress reduction to physical as well as mental health. She cites research that suggests 50-80% of illnesses have stress-related aspects. Stress can actually induce physiological changes in the body. After outlining symptoms and causes of stress, Dr. Schroll offers a number of approaches to stress reduction, among them acupuncture, meditation, yoga, exercise, dietary supplements, laughter, and breathing and movement techniques. She focuses on the mind-body connection and opportunities for stress sufferers to “heal themselves.” Presentation time: 24 minutes | View Now 

Addicted to Love

addicted to love Dr. David Hibbard
Psychology Department
Dr. Gail Walton
Child Development Department

Do you want to learn how to get the most out of your relationships? Want to know the "secrets" of successful couples? Do you wonder if you'll ever meet your "soulmate"? Presentation time: 60 minutes | View Now 

Yoga "Come-Pose Yourself"

YogaLisa Gorman,

Why Yoga? Learn the healthy benefits of yoga and participate in a 60-minute yoga session with a focus on relieving shoulder tension, improving posture, and decreasing stress. Presentation time: 60 minutes | View Now

Enhancing Self-Esteem

self esteem play buttonDr. Pat Patterson
Counseling & Wellness Center

"The reputation you have with yourself" is how Dr. Patterson defines self-esteem in this workshop. He also calls it "the lifeblood of psychological survival" and a key to empowerment, belonging, competence, and security. Learn to evaluate and enhance your own self-esteem. Presentation time: 46 minutes

Dr. Patterson tells the story of his journey from East Los Angles - where his third grade teacher said he would never learn to read - to earning his PhD and embarking on his long career as a counselor at Chico State. | View Now

Don't Let the Strain Take You Out of the Game

Dont Let the Strain Take You Out of the Game Dr. Stephanie Chervinko
Counseling & Wellness Center

Learn how to cope with, and even prevent, negative stress. Stress can be a positive, as it can motivate you, keep you alert, and help you to perform at your peak level. But too much stress is unhealthy, mentally and physically. Dr. Chervinko looks at how you can prevent and reduce negative stress. Presentation time: 49 minutes | View Now 

Hooking Up: Sex, Alcohol and Regret

Hooking Up Anna Lind Thomas
Residence Community Coordinator

In this informative presentation, "hooking up" is defined as a physical encounter between two people with no strings attached. The strong link between casual sex and alcohol is explored, as well as such related issues as unwanted sex, sexual violence, differing standards for men and for women, conformity, and regret. Presentation time: 53 minutes | View Now 

It's Easy Being Green

Being Green Gavin Dixon, Alyson Sward and Desi Hatton
Associated Students Recycling

Enjoy three informative presentations:

    - Environmental Health 21:12
    - Dangerous Cosmetics 10:24
    - Take Back the Tap 15:25

Total presentation time: 47 minutes | View Now 

Your Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness Dr. Lana McKnight
Counseling & Wellness Center

How to you define happiness? How happy are you? Dr. McKnight explores issues around well-being, including the Satisfaction with Life Scale, the three aspects of happiness, and the field of positive psychology. You will learn about the factors that are most important to your happiness and how to strengthen your sense of well-being. Presentation time: 40 minutes | View Now 

Nutritious Cooking

Nutritious Cooking Brittany Rigg & Katie Burt
Chico State students

Chico State students Brittany Rigg and Katie Burt show you how to make two healthy food items – stuffed bell peppers and watermelon smoothies. Their step-by-step approach is easy to follow. Brittany and Katie offered this Wellness Center cooking class for their fellow students as members of the organization LINK (Leaders in Nutrition Knowledge). In addition to cooking classes, LINK offers grocery store tours and talks on nutrition issues. Presentation time: 25 minutes | View Now

Discovering Chico

Discovering Chico Rachel Luger
Chico State Student

Chico State student Rachel Luger presents numerous ideas for great outdoor adventures in Chico and throughout the North State. She gives you the basic information about exploring Bidwell Park, Feather River Flume, Feather Falls, Lake Oroville, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Whiskeytown Falls, Table Mountain, and more. The Associated Students' Adventure Outings program presents activities at several of these sites - for a schedule of outings and additional information, check out the Adventure Outings website. Presentation time: 31 minutes | View Now 

Why We Struggle in Relationships 

Why We Struggle in Relationships Scott Wyman

Everything is great at the beginning of a relationship - it's a wonderful whirlwind of romantic infatuation, "just like the movies." But how do you sustain a healthy relationship after the "honeymoon period" is over? Scott Wyman looks at the negative impact of individuals' unresolved issues on relationships, and makes suggestions on how to overcome these barriers to positive relationships. Presentation time: 59 minutes | View Now

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