Adulting 101

Adulting 101 is a series of workshops to help Chico State students and young University alumni on the sometimes bumpy journey to independence. The Office of Student Life and Leadership hosts the series in conjunction with the Career Center and the Alumni Center. Adulting 101 covers life skills on everything from Car Smarts to Credit 101. More than 1,000 students attended the popular series during its inaugural year of 2016.

Adulting 101

Car Smarts
Car Smarts - Fall 2018
Cooking on a Budget
Emotional Literacy or How to Plunge a Toilet
Everyday Sustainability
Financial Literacy
Grocery Shopping 101
Healthy Eating 101
Housing 101: Chico State Off-Campus Rental Housing
Money Management 101
Pet Ownership 101
Power Poses 101
Relationships 101
Salary Negotiation 101
Taxes 101
Time Management
Voting 101


DecorativeVoting 101

Keaton Denlay
Manager, Butte County Elections Office

Have you registered to vote yet? Not sure where to begin? The presidential primary on March 3 is the first and soonest election in 2020 for Californians, but it is not the last. Keaton Denlay of the Butte County Elections Office provides all the information you need to vote and stay informed. He also shares the specific ballot measures pertaining to Butte County and California. Reading the ballot is harder than most people expect, especially first time voters. Do not hesitate to ask volunteers for assistance or help understanding questions. He finishes his presentation by providing polling locations, as well as box locations for those who decide to vote by mail in Chico. Get out there and vote! Presentation time: 41 minutes | View Now

Car Smarts - Fall 2018

Decorative: Image from slide presentation

Bernie Knaus
Chico State Graduate, New Car Broker with New Autos, Inc.

How can you tell if a car dealership is honest, and how do you know if you are being taken "for a ride"? Bernie Wallmark points out common mistakes and tricks to avoid with dealerships and car companies. From confusing payments to misleading contracts, Bernie shows background research on the car you’re interested in is important when shopping. Not only should you prepare beforehand, but finding someone to inspect a car before purchase could save your life. This talk will leave you more confident and aware when looking to buy or sell a car. Presentation time: 58 minutes | View Now

Financial Literacy

Anson CallDecorative: Image from slide presentation
Membership Development Officer,
Golden 1 Credit Union

Managing your own money for the first time can be hard. Keeping track of checks, loans, debt, etc. is confusing. Anson Call, a Membership Development Officer from Golden 1 explains basic financial tips to have a secure and stable bank account. He explains the difference between debit and credit, banks and credit unions, collateral, mortgage, and credit scores. If you’re worried about starting out your financial life, Anson will answer any basic questions you have. Presentation time: 1 hour and 4 minutes | View Now

Emotional Literacy

Decorative: Image from slide presentationDevjani (Juni) Banerjee-Stevens, PhD
Clinical Director/Associate Director,
Counseling and Wellness Center, Chico State

How do you express your feelings? Do you acknowledge them, push them onto others, or bury them deep down? People need to acknowledge these feelings, much like plunging a toilet. Dealing with them, and helping each other deal with them is our role as plumbers. Dr. Devjani Banjeree-Stevens explains how feelings are valid and matter. They serve as data; feelings are neither good nor bad. We can more easily live happily and stable if we learn to effectively deal with our emotions. Presentation time: 1 hour and 6 minutes | View Now

Time Management

Decorative: Image from slideshow presentationKate Harris
Program Coordinator,
Wildcat Leadership Institute, Chico State

Are you feeling stressed for time? Are you left wondering where your whole day went? Kate Harris reveals tips on making time for priorities. She shows how beneficial planners can be, as well as other tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, and helpful apps. She also explains how to prioritize time between family, friends, school, work, and yourself. Presentation time: 48 minutes | View Now

Salary Negotiation

Decorative: Image from slide presentationJen Easton
Director of Campus Recruitment and Development, Northwestern Mutual

What do you want your starting salary to be in your next career move? What factors should you base that figure on? Maybe you feel undervalued at the offer you received, or maybe your industry is undercompensated. Jen Easton, Director of Campus Recruitment and Development with Northwestern Mutual is your tour guide through the mire of negotiating for compensation in her talk, Salary Negotiation 101. As part of the successful Adulting 101 series, Jen Easton leads the audience in how to speak with recruiters, and ultimately to advocate for themselves for negotiation of salary, and other compensation avenues such as vacation, work/life balance approaches, and stock options. Presentation time: 1 hour and 1 minute | View Now

Power Poses

Decorative: Image from slide presentationAngela Antonia Nunes
Human Resources Manager, Nestle USA

Our body language is the most powerful aspect to interpersonal communication. It affects our messages and communication with coworkers, friends, and networking connections. Facial expressions, where we’re looking, and how we hold ourselves can affect the message we give others, and even how we feel about ourselves.

Ninety percent of communication is nonverbal. So how can we use this nonverbal communication to enhance our interactions? In this installment of the Adulting 101 series, Angela Nunes discusses how high- and low-power poses affect the way that others perceive us, and how we can improve interpersonal outcomes in social interactions, classroom environments, work relationships, and even interviews. Presentation time: 58 minutes | View Now

Everyday Sustainability

Will BrownDecorative: Image from slide presentation
Jimmie Bradley
Kelly Scott
Amanda Reinhart


As part of the Adulting 101 series, Associated Students Sustainability hosts an interactive, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style seminar outlining easy, everyday choices to lower carbon footprints and live a more sustainable life. Presentation time: 25 minutes | View Now

Taxes 101 (2018)

Decorative: Image from slide presentationStudents from CSU
Chico Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi

In this 2018 workshop, members of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honor society, help their fellow students understand the ins and outs of taxes. The presenters begin by explaining how to fill out a W-4 form and what materials (forms 1098T, 1099, 1095ABC) are needed in order to file. They explain what each form is used for and how to complete it. Other topics include deductions, refunds, and how to determine whether a student filer is considered “independent” from parents or guardians. Presentation time: 41 minutes | View Now

Pet Ownership 101

Pet Ownership 101 Honey Souza
Butte Humane Society

That puppy or kitten is SO cute and it needs a home…but before students impulsively adopt a furry friend, they need to consider all that pet ownership involves. Human Humane Society volunteer Honey Souza speaks about the many responsibilities that come with pet ownership – responsibilities that might be incompatible with a student’s lifestyle. She advocates for having pets spayed or neutered, which is one of many expenses, along with the adoption fee, food, vaccinations, and medical treatment. If students still wish to get a pet, Souza offers advice on where to get one and how to pick out the best breed for their lifestyle. Presentation time: 1 hour, 2 minutes | View Now

Housing 101: Chico State Off-Campus Rental Housing

Decorative: Image from slide presentationDan Herbert
Director of Off-Campus Student Services, Chico State

Dan Herbert is well qualified to provide students with valuable information about off-campus housing – before he came to work on campus, he spent 15 years as a partner in a property management firm. He helps students with their questions and concerns about off-campus living. In this presentation, Dan is joined by three guests from Chico property management companies. Together they provide valuable information about types of leases/contracts, roommate compatibility, living with pets, safety, security deposits, renters’ insurance, and more. Presentation time: 55 minutes | View Now

Cooking on a Budget

Cooking on a Budget Thomas Rider
Chico State Associated Students Executive Catering Chef

Want to learn how to cook on a budget? Or are you just looking to learn a few new recipes? Either way, Associated Students Executive Catering Chef Thomas Rider has got you covered with three simple and cheap meals. In this presentation Mr. Rider will walk you step by step through shopping, prepping, and cooking a soup, main entrée, and dessert for just $31. Additionally, throughout his presentation, Mr. Rider gives insider tips on how to save money on food. Presentation time: 1 hour, 7 minutes | View Now

Car Smarts

Car Smarts Bernie Knaus
Chico State Graduate, New Car Broker with New Autos, Inc.

Learn how to buy, lease, or sell a car and not get ripped off! Bernie, a long-time car broker, warns students of the pitfalls of purchasing a new car, especially from a dealer. He provides tips on how to negotiate (by email or text, rather than in-person), how to deal with the finance department (beware of specialized warranties), and whether a used car has been in an accident (don’t rely on Car Fax – have it inspected by a local mechanic you trust). He also touches on maintenance issues, such as how long to go between oil changes (for later-model cars, every 5,000 miles is plenty, not the 3,000 miles the dealer recommends). Presentation time: 1 hour, 2 minutes | View Now

Relationships 101

Relationships 101Sadie LaBriere
MSW, Chico State Counseling Center
Kelsey Harrington
M.Ed., Campus Alcohol & Drug Education Center

The focus of the two presenters in this recording is boundaries. They define “boundaries” as deciding what is OK and what is not OK in a relationship. They believe boundaries form the basis of all relationships – romantic, friendships, roommates, families. The presenters speak of boundaries as defining how people work out physical and emotional space, how they treat each other, and how they share information. The emphasis is on how clear, healthy boundaries can lead to happier relationships of all kinds. Presentation time: 52 minutes View Now

Grocery Shopping 101

Grocery Shopping 101Jenny Breed
Program Director, and Elisa Chavez, Intern, Center for Healthy Communities

This presentation supplies information to students about the following topics: meal planning, shopping lists, shopping tips, food labels, and CalFresh outreach. The presenters focus on planning before going to the grocery store. In addition, students may be eligible for food aid from the CalFresh program; they can qualify for up to $115 per month. There is also a food pantry on campus to help students stretch their food budgets. Presentation time: 21 minutes | View Now

Healthy Eating 101

Healthy Eating 101Tom Rider
Chico State Associated Students Executive Catering Chef

Tom Rider presents a cooking demo to help students eat healthier and use local ingredients. He explains his philosophy of cooking and notes that his presentation “is not from the dietician’s perspective, but the chef’s perspective.” Rider prepares and shares with his student audience a three-course meal. The appetizer is salad greens topped with a dressing of citrus vinaigrette, goat cheese, pomegranates, shallots, garlic, and Dijon mustard. For the entrée, Rider substitutes zucchini noodles for pasta as the bed for a “healthier chicken parmesan.” A desert of poached pears and ginger with caramel sauce completes the meal. Presentation time: 51 minutes | View Now

Money Management 101

Money Management 101 Jaycob Arbogast
Arbogast Advisers

Financial Advisor Jaycob Arbogast presents an overview of the basic elements of effective money management. He starts by explaining how to set up and use a personal budget. Arbogast then discusses the various types of student loans and how they can impact a student’s financial future. He concludes with some information about how young people can get ahead of the game by setting up a retirement account. Presentation time: 40 minutes | View Now

Credit 101

Credit 101Cesar Alfaro
Branch Manager, Golden 1 Credit Union
Anson Call
Membership Development Officer, Golden 1 Credit Union

To use credit or not to use credit? That is the question, and Credit 101 has the answers. In this presentation, credit union employees Anson Call and Cesar Alfaro (a CSU, Chico alum) talks about establishing credit, how interest rates work, and how credit scores can lead to a positive financial outlook. Presentation Time: 1 hour, 1 minute | View Now

Taxes 101

Taxes 101 Niels Thomas
President, Beta Alpha Psi
AJ Johnson
Director of VITA, Beta Alpha Psi
Zoe Pelletier
Director of VITA Elect, Beta Alpha Psi

This presentation could be subtitled, “Everything you wanted to know about taxes but were afraid to ask.” The presenters thoroughly cover all aspects of coping with taxes, from a pre-tax checklist (such as collecting the proper forms) to how to file a tax return to how and when refunds are given. They also answer questions specific to students, such as how to claim tuition fee payments as a deduction and whether a student is considered “independent” from his or her parents. The presentation concludes with a step-by-step walk-through of filling out a tax form. Presentation time: 55 minutes | View Now

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