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Autism Information & Resources

Articles & Resources

ARC California COVID-19 Resources and Information 
The Arc of California is greatly concerned about the threat of COVID-19 to people with disabilities, their families, and the workforce that supports them. We are compiling resources to help people with intellectual and /or developmental disabilities (I/DD), their families, and service providers to understand this global pandemic.

AutismParentingMagazine.com aims to provide you with the most current information and interventions to make informed decisions about what will benefit your child. Topics include navigating special education, managing behavioral issues, developing social skills, transitioning from childhood to adulthood, planning for your child's financial future, and more.

Education Resources for Children on the Autism Spectrum
The UC Davis MIND Institute and Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CEDD) resource page for Education. Includes, fact sheets, resource links, and information for educators for all ages.

How to Help Autistic Children Cope with Pandemic Lockdowns
How do we accommodate our autistic loved ones during a pandemic in ways that respect their needs and their style of managing stress? The author shares what she is trying to do in her family, based on feedback from friends and contacts in the autistic community:

Online Learning Supports for Students with ID/ASD During COVID-19
Visual schedules, physical activities, and other resources from the DADD Online Learning Activity Portal.

Tax Strategies for Parents of Kids with Special Needs
If you're a parent of a child with special needs, there are some tax strategies to be aware of that can save your family money. In this article, you'll learn about deductions as well as other strategic considerations such as tax credits.

Transition to Adulthood for Autistic Individuals
UC Davis MIND Institute LogoThe UC Davis MIND Institute and Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CEDD) resource page for Transition to Adulthood. Includes information on housing, college, employment and more.

UC Davis MIND Institute COVID-19 Resources Website
Resources for parents, self-advocates and support staffduring COVID-19.

Virtual IEP Meeting Tip Sheets
The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) is honored to serve as the host for this collection of tip sheets on planning for and participating in virtual meetings, including those related to a student’s IEP (Individualized Education Program).

Healthline's Best Autism Apps of 2020
Healthline has chosen their best technology apps for autistic people and parents of autistic children to assist with language development, non-verbal communication, reading, behavioral and lifestyle skills, and more.

Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism?
A guide with resources, research, and helpful tips for considering whether to bring a therapy dog into your home.


Dive In: A Podcast for Career Development Professionals
Assisting Neurodivergent Clients with College and Workplace Transitions
An interview with Betina Wildhaber | MA, School of Social Science, CSU, Chico
The podcast page also lists a number of the neurodiversity resources cited in the episode.

The Executive Function Podcast
Expert Interview with Patty Schetter from UC Davis MIND Institute
In addition to this interview, the podcast offers “helpful, fun, and effective strategies to support kids' executive function! Learn how to coach your child to manage attention, organize, and plan! Inspiration for families with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and more!”


Homeschooling Tips for Families with Autism: A Facebook Live Discussion with Patricia Schetter
UC Davis MIND Institute

Strategies to Cope During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Times
UC Davis MIND Institute

Wearing a Mask at the MIND: A Storybook and Tips on Helping Kids Get Comfortable with Masks
UC Davis MIND Institute

Voting With a Disability
Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Anxiety and Autism: Family-based strategies for returning to school after shelter in place
UC Davis MIND Institute

National Autism Conference 2020
Recordings of more than 60 sessions from the August 3-6 event.

Presentations from Past Autism Symposiums

Bridging the Research to Practice Gap
Aubyn Stahmer, UC Davis MIND Institute, 2018

Fragile X
David Hessl, UC Davis MIND Institute, 2018

John Elder Robison Keynote (2017)

Long-term Whole Health: Fostering Self-Acceptance and Optimal Self-Care
Amy Alward, 2017

Technology as a Tool for Brining Research and Services to Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Families and Communities
Len Abbeduto, UC Davis MIND Institute, 2018

The Nurtured Heart Approach
Megan Dixon, 2017


The resources listed are independent of the Northern California Autism Symposium (NCAS). Resources are provided for information only and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of the NCAS or California State University, Chico.