Northern California Neurodiversity & Disability Symposium 2025. February 7, California State University, Chico

About the Neurodiversity & Disability Symposium

Disability prevalence throughout the United States continues to increase, with current disability rates hovering at almost 13%. Families who support loved ones, and disabled individuals themselves, in rural areas are impacted by a lack of access to services and knowledge more than those in more urban areas. The aim of the Neurodiversity and Disability Symposium—formerly the Northern California Autism Symposium—is to amplify the voices of those who identify as neurodivergent and/or disabled, and educate families, educators, and service providers in our region and beyond. 

The symposium started with a specific focus to improve knowledge and acceptance of those who are autistic/on the autism spectrum*. Recent conference presenters and topics have drifted toward a broader neurodiversity perspective. Knowing that there are still many families and disabled individuals/individuals with disabilities* within our region that need support, we are branching out to provide a variety of topics and presenters that will help inform and support our whole community.

* This program is intentionally using identity first language when appropriate, and realizes that this may not be the preference of some who prefer person first language. Here is some helpful information to better understand both perspectives.

Highlights from the 2024 Symposium

Photos by Chico State University Photographer, Matt Bates2024 Neurodiversity & Disability Symposium highlights. Images of Dr. Temple Grandin, Blake Warner, John Marble, Abbey & Christine Romeo, and attendees.

Fees & Registration 

Registration for the 2025 Neurodiversity & Disability Symposium will open in October 2024. Stay tuned for speaker announcements and registration updates by following us on Facebook and Instagram.