Geospatial Mapping & Data Visualization Program
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The natural resources industry workforce is comprised of both professionals and non-technical users who increasingly need geographic information systems (GIS) technology skills for display and analysis of asset and resource location, data visualizations, maps, and metrics.

The Geospatial Mapping & Data Visualization Program is a fully-online professional development program intended primarily for those with little-to-no experience in geospatial technology.

Whether you are a skilled management professional, an entry-level worker, or new to an industry that utilizes geospatial mapping & data visualization technologies, this program will help you build competencies in theoretical and applied geospatial concepts and techniques.

Geospatial Mapping && Data Visualization Program The Program

This program addresses competencies in the following key geospatial areas:

  1. Core theoretical foundations
  2. Common data formats
  3. Industry-standard software platforms
  4. Data-driven decision making
  5. Implementation and integration of spatial data

Mining Industry Professionals Utilize Geospatial Mapping Technologies

The self-paced online program begins with a core module that provides a concise foundational understanding of geospatial terms, geographic data, and the core abilities of geospatial technologies. Program participants can then choose from focused modules that build on that learning by providing applied training within specific software environments and workflow requirements, typically on a shorter timeline.

In addition to the online materials, the course offers access to instructors with applied professional experience via e-mail and/or video chat. Participants will also conduct a series of applied exercises utilizing regional data to replicate common industry workflows. Finally, participants will be assessed via online tests consisting of multiple choice and short answer responses.

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Peter Owens, Senior Project Analyst
Center for Economic Development • CSU, Chico

Ryan Miller, Senior Economic Analyst

Geographical Information Center • CSU, Chico

The Geospatial Mapping and Data Visualization Program is an Online Professional Training Program

Pricing & Registration:

• Core Module: $400
• Core +1 Applied Module: $600
• Core +2 Applied Modules: $800

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We are currently updating the content in the Applied Modules to incorporate current applications and examples.

For more information, please contact:

Regional & Continuing Education • CSU, Chico | 530.898.6105