Engineering Leadership Professional Development Program

Program Curriculum

The program is presented as an eight-week, self-paced online course.  Online participants have access to resources that include video perspectives from professionals representing a range of organizational types, sizes, and industries. Each of the modules is presented weekly, along with videos, references, assignments, chat, and collaborative sessions. 

Module 1 ~ Effective Leadership Elements & Style

Group of engineering standing over a table holding plans and a laptop.• Learn the tools of authentic leadership. • Develop personalized styles of leadership. • Create the framework for your position of authority. 

Module 2 ~ Leadership & Communication Tools

 • Discover the power of persuasion and influence. • Establish effective presentation techniques and storytelling skills. • Learn the principles of purposeful communication. • Improve your public writing skills. • Change your team’s dynamic with Situational Leadership.

Module 3 ~ Theoretical Leadership Modules

 • Learn to be an inclusive leader with Relational Leadership. • Breakdown the difference between transformational and transactional styles. • Understand the goals and challenges of management vs. leadership.

Module 4 ~ Leading Innovation & New Product Development

 • Discover how to encourage creativity to lead to productivity. • Develop an effective performance management system. • Learn to recognize the salability and scalability of new products. • Uncover your technical competencies and abilities for execution.

Module 5 ~ Sustainable Engineering & Leadership

 • Learn how to expand your corporate social opportunities. • Engage your team by spotlighting your professional credibility and engineering ethics. • Explore case studies on sustainable engineering.

Module 6 ~ Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

 • Develop new ways to lead remote teams. • Foster engagement both locally and virtually. • Learn to manage change and conflict among employees. • Discover the tools needed for effective problem solving and critical thinking.

Module 7 ~ Global Leadership & Diversity

 • Harness your speaking style for presenting to a global audience. • Learn how diversity, judgment and acceptance affect the workplace. • Understand the variables of motivational theory and emotional intelligence. • Remove stereotypes and overcome generational bias.

Module 8 ~ Competencies & Measures for Engineering Leadership

 • Analyze the actions, assessment, and progress in engineering. • Uncover the need for self-actualization and mentorship in the workplace. • Devise an individual leadership development plan of action.