Early Start Program at CSU, Chico
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Register for Your Class(es) Beginning July 8

Download Step-by-Step Registration & Payment Instructions with Screen Shots

Early Start class registration is online through your Student Center in the Chico State Portal, and is the same process as registering for your fall classes. To walk you through it, we created detailed instructions in a pdf file. Please print them out and give it a shot. We promise...it's easy!

Important: If your Early Start Program Page indicates that you that you are required to participate in BOTH Math and English/Written Communication, you will need to “Opt Out” of English by clicking the check box on the Program Page. You will not be able to register for both classes due to a time conflict and should register for the Math course.

These instructions assume you have already chosen Chico as your campus for completing Early Start. If you have a disability and require accommodations for completing your Early Start class(es) at CSU, Chico, contact the Accessibility Resource Center as soon as you register.contact the Accessibility Resource Center as soon as you register.

Drop a Class

If you need to drop a class, you must do so in the Student Center prior to the registration & payment deadline. To drop before the class starts, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Chico State Portal
  2. Click on the Admissions and Orientation Tab at the top
  3. Look to the left column on the page and click on Student Center
  4. Look to the left of Student Center page under first heading of Academics and click Enroll/Drop
  5. Click on Drop in the middle Enroll tab and select the course to drop. Complete as directed.

If the class has not started and you still want to drop the class after the deadline, send an email with your Name, Student ID, and course to be dropped to rce@csuchico.edu. Beginning the first day of class, you're no longer eligible to drop or receive a refund.

Pay for Your Class(es)

To determine whether you have a balance due for your Early Start class(es) and pay any fees owed, please follow steps 9-11 in these instructions:

  • Download Step-by-Step Registration & Payment Instructions with Screen Shots

If you wish to pay by check, money order, or electronic check,  you can make a payment to Student Financial Services. Please visit their website for details and instructions.

Access Your Class

  • Download Step-by-Step Instructions

To access your class(s), go to the Early Start Portal Login web page, and enter your Username and Password. Click on the My Early Start Class link.

Both Early Start English and Early Start Math are taught online in our Blackboard Learn system. All of your class materials will be accessed in Blackboard Learn.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you make sure your computer can access your Early Start class the week before your class starts! Once you can login to your class, you can get familiar with your online class by accessing the practice class.

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need special disability accommodations for accessing any information on this website, please contact Regional & Continuing Education. For accommodations for an event, workshop, or online or on-campus class, please contact the CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center.