Cybersecurity for Executives Professional Development Program

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Online Program

During the self-paced online program, you’ll complete the course through an online learning portal. Each of the modules is presented weekly, along with videos, references, assignments, chat, and collaborative sessions. As in the classroom course, you'll work on a Capstone project and at the end of the class, you will have completed your very own Professional Cybersecurity Portfolio.

DecorativeNEW! The best classrooms aren’t always in rooms. Learn without limits with iPad-powered learning. The online asynchronous course is available on the new iPad Air, included with your registration, allowing you to learn, complete hands-on exercises, and stay connected to your instructors and peers on the go.*

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Self-paced Learning
8 Weeks, Online ($4,995)

• Cybersecurity Portfolio & all course materials
• Group discussions​
• Interactive projects​
• 8 Weeks of mentoring

* iPad Air devices are only provided to students who pay full price and are not eligible for discounted registrations. Apple is not affiliated with this course and does not endorse or sponsor it in any way whatsoever.

In-Classroom Programs

Face-to-Face Programs are Postponed Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Enjoy a four-day sabbatical in this fast-paced, collaborative course. In the classroom, you’ll be challenged by our faculty while addressing real-world issues. They will facilitate strategy sessions, goal-setting exercises, and organizational planning. Without typical business distractions, you can concentrate fully on the subject matter at hand.

During the program, you and your team will engage in a Capstone project that applies what you've learned to solve a real-world problem. At the program’s conclusion, you will have completed your very own Professional Cybersecurity Portfolio.

​4 Days, In Classroom ($4,995)

• Cybersecurity Portfolio & all course materials
• Continental breakfast & lunch
• Evening networking events
• 4 Weeks of mentoring