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Cybersecurity for Executives Professional Development Program
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Program Curriculum

Photo of participant in the Cybersecurity for Executives Professional Development Program

The program is designed to increast your understanding of the latest security technologies, and how to employ these technologies to reduce threat-risk at you firm. Arm yourself with the latest knowledge and strategies to identify threats, manage operational hazards, and keep your brand reputation intact. Combining industry thought leaders and top experts, you will develop the skills you need to protect the integrity, security, and confidentiality of your data assets.

Module 1 ~ Cybersecurity Strategies

• Introduction to cybersecurity
• Making the business case for cybersecurity
• Develop a cybersecurity strategy

Module 2 ~ Managing Threats & Vulnerabilities

• Identify threats and vulnerabilities to your data
• Understand the threat actors and their motivators
• Assess your main threats to business data

Module 3 ~ Risk Assessment Tools

• Anti-virus, firewalls, and encryptions
• Process the metrics needed to measure risk exposure
• Managing and interpretng risk assessment reports

Module 4 ~ Cybersecurity Leadership

• Building and managing your cybersecurity teams
• Addressing human resources and compliance issues
• Cybersecurity management tools and techniques

Module 5 ~ Legal & Compliance Issues

• Understanding the regulatory environment
• Develop an approach to work with your legal and compliance department
• Ensure access to protected data is authorized

Module 6 ~ Cyber Hygiene

• Identifying your personal responsibility
• How to prevent the #1 threat to your business
• Maintain system health and improve online safety

Module 7 ~ Responding to the Cyber Crisis

• Regulations and standards
• Response, data collection, and processing
• Managing through a breach

Module 8 ~ Managing Implementation

• Understanding change management for cybersecurity
• Creating organizational structures for managing cybersecurity
• Resolving critical implementation issues

Your Personal Cybersecurity Capstone Project

Illustrate your success with a personalized, detailed action plan, including our organization’s goals and key performance indicators to develop an ROI strategy.


Photo of participant in the Cybersecurity for Executives Professional Development Program