The Health and Community Services Department provides students with a multi-disciplinary, competency, and service based program. Students learn to work effectively in diverse communities, healthcare financing and delivery systems, and health organizations to meet emerging national and global health needs.  Programs include health education, health services administration, environmental health, and gerontology.

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Creating Yourgasm

Amy Luna Manderino

Creating YourgasmMs. Manderino is currently working on research for a book about shifting paradigms regarding aging, gender, and sexuality. She asserts that understanding physical, emotional, and mental connections to sexuality is part of leading a healthy life. Orgasms are not only a pleasurable part of sexuality, she maintains, but they serve the body in providing release -- stress, cardiovascular, and hormonal. She gives historical background and current observations about attitudes regarding sexual pleasure, including society’s sex-negative attitudes, words, and images. Ms. Manderino explains in detail the anatomy behind sexual response in men and women, and also talks about techniques, including dance, that can add to sexual pleasure. Her hope is that social attitudes about sexuality will “transcend gender” to, as she states, “Respect women’s sexuality; support men’s sensuality.” Presentation Time: 1 hour, 27 minutes | View Now