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College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management

Wildfire, Mining, Mercury, and Fish: How climate change and historical resource extraction may put neurotoxins on your dinner plate

Dr. Jackson Webster
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, CSU Chico

Decorative image: from extraction of neurotoxins presentationSurprisingly, we are exposed to much more toxic material than you’d think. Mercury, one of the most common, yet dangerous is increasingly leaking into our climate, fish, water, and more. Dr. Jackson Webster reveals how natural phenomenons such as wildfires, along with human-induced changes such as mining are contributing to the increase in mercury. Presentation time: 56 minutes | View Now

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management Spring 2018 Graduation Celebration

ECC Graduation

ECC GraduationEnjoy the 26th annual ECC graduation ceremony. Presentation time: 2 hours, 42 minutes | View Now


Sustainability of Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Dr. Pablo K. Cornejo
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, CSU, Chico

Sustainability of Water Resource Recovery FacilitiesMany of us recognize that proper sanitation is the key to health and much preventable disease and death across the globe. Conventional water and wastewater treatment facilities have traditionally provided critical sanitation in the developed world. But as minerals and water resources become more valuable globally, some municipalities look to sanitation facilities for an unconventional application: the “mining” of wastewater to meet the demand for water, minerals, and fuels.

Dr. Pablo Cornejo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at CSU, Chico explains the current standard of wastewater treatment, as well as how Struvite, a mineral-rich, wastewater precipitate once viewed as a nuisance to treatment facilities, may become a valuable resource that can be turned into fertilizer and cooking fuel, leaving the water ready to be used as agricultural irrigation. Dr. Cornejo explores these and other interesting advancements in the future of water reclamation, efficiency, and how these can contribute positively to the planet. Presentation time: 42 minutes | View Now

Computer Animation and Game Development: Pedagogical Application, Development and Practices for Student Success

Jeff Underwood
CTO and Executive Producer for Mutant Entertainment Studios, and CSU, Chico CAGD Lecturer
Frank Pereira
CSU, Chico CAGD Lecturer
Jennifer Underwood
CSU, Chico CAGD Lecturer

Decorative: Image from computer animation game development Frank Pereira, Jennifer Underwood, and Jeff Underwood, all lecturers in CSU, Chico’s Computer Animation and Game Design (CAGD) program, present a fascinating in-depth look into the program’s challenges, changes, and achievements. The program has embraced innovative teaching methods, including “flipped” classes where students review online lectures at home, and have more project-focused lab time during class, and online summer sessions to reach more students; in turn helping them reach their goals. Each lecturer is committed to student success, and shares what is done in and out of the classroom to prepare students for a bright future in Computer Animation and Game Design. | View Now

Low-Cost High-Speed Simulation of Electrical Machines

Dr. Kurtis Kredo
Faculty, CSU, Chico Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

Decorative image onlyDr. Kurtis, along with several of his CSU, Chico colleagues, is part of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences at the University. The focus of the Institute is simulation and modeling of electric power systems with primary funding from the Office of Naval Research. In addition to faculty, 19 students are involved. They all work toward using numerical techniques and high-speed devices to decrease execution time on low-cost hardware. He shares results from the team’s research. Presentation Time:  1 hour, 1 minute | View Now

What's Next?

David Pritchard
Digital Media Pioneer, Television Producer, Philanthropist

Video ThumbnailDavid Pritchard is an Emmy Award-winning producer of “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” “King of the Hill,” “South Park,” and “Workaholics.” In this presentation, he urges students to, above all, “be interested.” He contends that the development of the internet and other forms of digital technology has resulted in the unprecedented capacity for a single person to initiate significant positive changes in the world. Pritchard shares examples of how one person, using the internet, has made such changes. He also discusses some of the philanthropic work he has done throughout the world. Presentation Time:  1 hour, 15 minutes | View Now