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The Communication Studies program is committed to fostering an understanding and examination of the crucial role of communication in human relationships, organizations, cultures, society, and civic affairs, and to developing students’ personal and professional communication skills. The faculty is committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and effective communication and to preparing students for their roles as citizens in a democratic society and as citizens of the world.

College of Communication and Education

In our continuing effort to bring more on-campus events to our online students, we are recording presentations from a variety of academic colleges and departments. The online application allows students to access these materials anytime, to review the presentation multiple times, and to print any handouts.

Effects of Over-involved Parenting on Young Adults' Identity and Family Satisfaction

Dr. Michelle Givertz
Professor, Department of Communication Studies, CSU, Chico

Decorative: Image from over-involved parents presentationDr. Michelle Givertz presents her research paper about the phenomenon popularly known as "helicopter parenting" or "invasive parenting." Part of her research involved conducting a study of 339 college students and their parents, each of whom filled out a survey. Dr. Givertz discusses how factors such as family environment, parenting styles, and family satisfaction all play into situations in which parents try to manage the lives of their college-aged children. She shows how this affects students' expectations of entitlement and degrees of self-efficacy. Presentation time: 50 minutes | View Now