The Campus Alcohol & Drug Education Center (CADEC) is committed to providing evidence-based educational programs and services that raise campus awareness about alcohol and drug misuse. CADEC strives to engage, enable, and empower students to make responsible and healthy choices, especially in areas where substance misuse is a concern. CADEC’s goal is “to create a campus-wide, pro-active approach to alcohol prevention, which will result in a healthier and safer campus for our students.”

Campus Alcohol & Drug Education Center (CADEC)

Aaron Rubin & His Fight with the Opioid Epidemic

Aaron Rubin, former CSU Chico student & Oxycontin overdose survivor
Sherrie Rubin, Aaron’s mother & Executive Director, HOPE2GETHER Foundation

Decorative ImageIn 2005, former CSU, Chico student Aaron Rubin overdosed on the opioid painkiller Oxycontin. He was on the verge of death numerous times, but somehow pulled through. However, the mental and physical damage was devastating – Aaron has fought long and hard, undergoing years of physical therapy, in his efforts to recover. His mother, Sherrie Rubin is the founder and executive director of the HOPE2GETHER Foundation, which works to educate others about what the Center for Disease Control calls “a public health epidemic.” Since then, Aaron and his mother have traveled around the country to give 375 presentations about their compelling story, in order to raise awareness about how the use of opioids, including deaths from overdoses, has skyrocketed. In this presentation, Ms. Rubin is joined by Sandy Nolan, a mother whose son died of an Oxycontin overdose. One of Ms. Nolan’s other sons is a CSU, Chico graduate. Presentation Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes | View Now

The Writer’s Voice: Creative Non-Fiction

Dr. Daryl Farmer

Faculty, Department of English, University of Alaska-Fairbanks


Dr. Daryl Farmer reads from and discusses “Bicycling Beyond the Divide: Two Journeys into the West.” His book follows him on his 5,000-mile journey through the diverse populations and ever-changing physical and social landscapes that make up America. In 1985, Dr. Farmer traveled by bicycle through 11 Western states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. He wrote his book 20 years later, using the notes from the journal he kept while “on the road.” His story takes place in the context of the world of the mid-1980s and also in the context of his current perspective. He is the recipient of Barnes and Nobel’s Discover Great New Writers Award.


Presentation Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes