California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA) strives to promote leadership skills among health professional students, inspiring them to change the healthcare system for the better. By educating students on current healthcare policies, students will learn to think and decide for themselves when it comes to these issues. The program encourages both education and community outreach to support the development of high-quality, accessible, and affordable health care for Californians.

California Health Professional Student Alliance

Health Care Quality from a Policy Perspective

Dr. Stan Salinas
Public Health and Health Services Department, CSU, Chico

Decorative: Image from slideshow presentationWhen it comes to the quality of our hospitals and other medical centers, there is a huge variety. Dr. Stanley Salinas explains the major issues with today’s healthcare, and how lack of funding contributes to larger divides in quality of healthcare. From explaining the differences between private and public medical care, to exploring the causes of poor-quality hospitals, Dr. Salinas exposes the truth behind our nation’s healthcare. Presentation time: 1 hour and 8 minutes | View Now