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CELT Conference Special EventsThe 2014 CELT Conference is complimentary.

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CELT Conference Special Events listed below in green require registration. 

 If you would like to attend the Awards Luncheon & Keynote, Learning Catalyst Fellows Breakfast, Student Keynote or Faculty Workshop, please register on the CELT Conference Special Events Registration page.

Please note: Unlike previous years we will not be taking online registration for the concurrent sessions. Participants are asked to sign-in at the sessions they attend.

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Wednesday, October 1


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Awards Luncheon and Conference Keynote
(requires registration)

Awards Luncheon honors Outstanding Teacher, John Roussell (CDES) and Outstanding Academic Advisor, Zanja Yudell (PHIL).

Keynote: The Promise of High-Impact Practices: Pedagogies and Practices that Foster Student Learning & Success

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) have powerful effects on student learning and success. Although the prescription is for all students to participate in at least two, one in their first year and another in their academic major, this recommendation is far from reality on most campuses. Underrepresented students—such as first-generation and African American college students—are far less likely to participate. In addition, the quality of these experiences matters. Ensuring that the six hallmarks of HIPs are in place, that students understand expectations, and that the total learning environment -- in and outside the classroom -- is optimized to guide students toward experiences that matter, is critical. This session will highlight research on HIPs, review the hallmark elements, and stimulate consideration about how to expand access and enhance quality.

Jillian Kinzie

BMU Auditorium

Civic Engagement and the Chico State StudentPresident Zingg has identified community and civic engagement as a key component of our 'institutional DNA'. This team presentation and discussion will focus on an understanding of Civic Engagement, what it is and why it matters to the Chico State student. Discussion will include examples of civic work currently happening on campus, as well as brainstorming around future course inclusion.
Ellie Ertle (POLS)BMU 210
Utilizing the Inverted Classroom to Increase Cooperation and Innovation
Inverted or flipped classrooms encourage active learning, cooperation, and innovation among students. During the 2013-14 school year, the experiences of a CSU Chico faculty member teaching within an inverted classroom revealed a high level of student involvement and teamwork. The benefits and challenges that were discovered will be shared and discussed. 
Gayle Kipnis (NURS)
Colusa Hall 100B
A Success Story: Engaging Students by Using Google Hangouts Technology
Two faculty within the School of Nursing teaching in the community health practicum course Nursing 474 incorporated Google Hangouts for the first time in the Spring 2014 semester to see how well this technology would work for holding clinical seminar when students were scattered across three counties for their clinical assignments. Prior to this past spring, students were brought to campus on various Friday afternoons, days or even weeks after the clinical day had concluded. Two faculty sought to provide a format for students that would allow them to experience a post-clinical seminar on their clinical day rather than wait until everyone was on campus to hold seminar. We asked if technology could be used to bring students together at the end of each clinical day when the students’ clinical experiences and clinical insights were fresh in their minds. With this challenge in mind, Google Hangouts was launched in one pilot section of the community health practicum course to test our premise that students in the field could meet virtually at the end of their clinical day and have a valuable clinical conference. The purpose of this presentation is to share what occurred with this pilot program, what we learned, how we fixed minor glitches that came up and what our students had to say about this experience. It is our hope that other faculty might be inspired to implement collaborative assignments virtually using Google Hangouts as a way to offer High Impact Educational Practices for their students.
Karen Lightfoot (NURS) and Irene Morgan (NURS)
Colusa Hall 100B
HEAD (Health Education Across the Disciplines): Addressing Intervention Stratetgies Across the Disciplines for Texting & Addiction
Health Education Across the Disciplines (HEAD) is an intervention strategy to integrate the concept of texting into disciplines and into other health content areas. Follow-up integration activities to Defining Texting Addiction Activity is presented. Other interactive teaching strategies and examples of integrating texting and addiction lessons into disciplines and other health content areas are presented.
Vic Sabarbaro (HCSV)BMU 210


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