American Language & Culture Immersion at CSU, Chico
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About the ALCI Chico Program

Download a copy of our program brochure to learn more about ALCI Chico.The mission of the American Language and Culture Immersion (ALCI Chico) at California State University, Chico is to provide high quality language instruction, knowledgeable and supportive counseling, and a compassionate bridge between cultures.

ALCI Chico invites you to study English and experience American culture in a safe, affordable, campus environment in northern California. We encourage you to explore the many educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom at California State University, Chico.

Find out why thousands of students around the globe have found Chico to be an excellent place to learn English and prepare for their academic success. Come to Chico State, meet new friends, enjoy beautiful California and learn English!

High Quality Intensive English Program

  • English instruction year-round, scheduled in five, 7-week sessions
  • Instruction and contemporary curricula for all proficiency levels from beginning to advanced
  • Classes are held 20-25 hours per week
  • Average class size is 13 students, 20 students maximum.
  • Core courses include speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar
  • Elective courses include TOEFL preparation, Business English, pronunciation, American idioms, math preparation, and special interest topics

Great Faculty and Instructional Staff

  • Professionally educated and hold a Master's degree (MA) in English with a concentration in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or a related field
  • Members of professional educational organizations - NAFSA, AAIEP
  • Experienced in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in the United States and overseas
  • Familiar with the challenges of learning a second language because they have studied foreign language
  • Responsive to diverse learning styles and cultures

Access to University Courses and Degree Programs

Open University

Eligible students may attend regular CSU, Chico courses through Open University.

Conditional Admission to the University

Conditional Admission to the University is designed for undergraduate students who have not yet met the University's English proficiency requirement.

Admission to California State University, Chico

International students may apply for undergraduate or graduate admission to CSU, Chico through the Office of International Education.

Certificates and Evaluation

The American Language and Culture Immersion, Chico awards three types of certificates to recognize student achievement: attendance, completion, and proficiency. The type of certificate you receive depends on the grades you earn and your language proficiency level at the time you finish your studies. Your academic performance will be continually evaluated and grade reports will be issued at the end of each session.


A TOEFL score is usually a requirement for college and university admission for non-English language speakers. TOEFL preparation classes are offered year-round through ALCI. The TOEFL iBT examination is administered on campus.

Conversation Partners

To enhance English conversation and for cultural immersion, the Conversation Partner program pairs ALCI Chico students with local students and staff. Partners meet weekly to chat in informal situations. This gives ALCI students a chance to practice speaking English with native speakers and to learn more about the California culture. American students have the chance to learn new cultures and make international friendships.

English Proficiency Placement

During orientation, your language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be assessed. Your class level will be determined based on your test scores.

Custom Language and Professional Programs

We also specialize in custom-designed programs for businesses, government agencies, athletes and international universities and institutes. Contact us for details.