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American Language & Culture Immersion at CSU, Chico
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Class Level Assessment

During orientation, your language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be assessed. Your class level will be determined based on your test scores.

Beginning Levels:

  • Have the necessary language skills to perform daily activities such as greeting others, talking about yourself, and making simple requests
  • Have the language skills to engage in simple conversations with native speakers
  • Listen to basic level conversations or discourse and answer factual questions
  • Read simplified and adapted ESL materials, comprehend main ideas, and answer basic questions
  • Use basic sentence structure correctly
  • Write single paragraphs based on models

Intermediate Levels:

  • Are able to interact successfully in a variety of social situations and respond appropriately
  • Are able to give short informational presentations that demonstrate satisfactory comprehension of varied listening materials
  • Read clearly organized texts, then identify the main ideas, supporting details, and method of development
  • Write complex essays using process writing strategies and development
  • Are able to take notes and summarize short academic lectures and extended conversations

Advanced Levels:

  • Utilize oral communication skills with enough accuracy and fluency to participate in a range of practical, social, and academic situations
  • Use vocabulary effectively, particularly for expressing subtleties of meaning
  • Process ideas and information from complex academic lectures (from a variety of media) and integrate the information into discussions and debates
  • Explain and synthesize information from lectures in preparation for essay exams
  • Write a well organized research paper with proper documentation, suitable for mainstream academic coursework
  • Read a wide range of fictional and non-fictional texts with nearly complete comprehension and demonstrate effective use of analytical skills