Welcome to the CSU, Chico Master of Science in Agricultural Education program. If you are searching for a fully accredited, graduate degree in agricultural education, you’ve found the right program. The online MS in Agricultural Education is specially designed to address the higher education learning demands of high school agricultural education teachers, science educators, and associated professionals who administer agricultural education programs.


CSU, Chico College of Agriculture offers the program in partnership with AG*IDEA, a national consortium of accredited universities offering courses in the agricultural disciplines. The program is designed to be completed in two years, with courses originating from Chico and the consortium universities. This flexible format provides you convenient, online access to the top graduate educators and researchers in the nation.

Agricultural Education: instructing students in the lab

About the Program

The Master of Science in Agricultural Education is a 30 unit graduate program allowing up to 9 transfer units. The culminating activity can be in the form of a thesis, project, or exam. Starting Fall 2022, fees will be $600 per unit.

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Agricultural Education: instructing students in the field

Current Program Schedule:

  • Spring class registration begins November 1
  • Summer class registration begins April 1
  • Fall class registration begins July 1


Click the Register link in the column for the course you wish to enroll in below. On the registration page, change the Registration Option to  Online and then click the Register Now button to add to your cart.

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 Summer 22 Fall 22
Spring 23
ADJUNCT ENROLLMENT-If done with course work or not taking courses in (Fall & Spring) then enrollment is required. Deadline, 20th day of each semester (Fall & Spring only). GRST 899GRST 899
AGED 600 Research Methodology in Ag Education[Closed]
CSU, Chico (6/6-7/29) Synchronous, Meets Tues/Thurs 8am-1030am (Instructor Jessica Toombs) Textbooks TBD
University of Arkansas (8/22-12/16) Deadline to register 8/24.  Instructor A. Terrell (Textbook Required)
AGED 601 Program Planning in Ag Education

CSU, Chico (8/22-12/16) Deadline to register 8/22. Instructor M. Aschenbrener (No Textbook Required)
AGED 602 Instructional/Adv. Methods in Ag Education [Register]
Oklahoma State (8/22-12/9) Deadline to register 8/25. Instructor C. Eck (Textbook TBD)
AGED 603 Ad Ldrshp, Suprvn, & Admin

University of Arkansas (8/22-12/16) Deadline to register 8/24. Instructor J. Rucker (Textbook Required)
AGED 605 Adult Learners in Ag Education

Oklahoma State (8/22-12/9) Deadline to register 8/25. Instructor J. Ramsey (Textbooks Required)
AGED 606 Instructional Technologies for Ag Education Not Offered 
AGED 607 Ag Education Foundations, History, and Phil.[Closed]
Texas Tech (6/1-8/5)
Deadline to register 5/26 (Instructor-Rudy Ritz) No Textbook Req.
North Carolina State (8/22-12/5) Deadline to register 8/8. Instructor K. Mckee (Textbooks TBD)
AGED 608 Teaching Diverse Learners in Ag Ed

CSU, Chico (6/6-6/27) Instructor Mollie Aschenbrener. No Textbook Req.
 Not Offered 
AGED 609 Critical Thinking in Ag Education

North Carolina State (8/22-12/5) Deadline to register 8/8. Instructor K. Mckee (Textbooks TBD) 
AGED 610 Assessment in Ag Education Not Offered 
AGED 611 Curriculum Development in Ag Ed Not Offered 
AGED 619 Volunteering Management in Ag Ed

Oklahoma State
Deadline 6/1 (Instructor Jon Ramsey) Textbook-TBD
Not Offered 
AGED 620 Online Media in Ag Ed.

Texas Technical (6/1-8/5)
Deadline to register 5/26 (Instructor Courtney Gibson) No Textbook Req.
 Not Offered 
AGED 625 Technological Change in Ag Ed.[Cancelled]  Oklahoma State
Deadline 6/1 (Zoom meetings required) Instructor Michael Edwards, Texbooks TBD
Not Offered 
AGED 689 Graduate Internship in Ag - 1 to 6 units


[Register] 3 units
[Register] 6 units
AGED 696 Comprehensive Exam - 3 units [Register 
AGED 697 Independent Study - 1 to 3 units1 unit

 2 units

3 units
[Register] 1 unit
[Register] 2 units
[Register] 3 units

AGED 699P Master's Project - 3 or 6 units3 units

6 units
[Register] 3 units
[Register] 6 units 
AGED 699T Master's Thesis - 3 or 6 units3 units

6 units
 [Register] 3 units
[Register] 6 units

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