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ALCI director quoted in Language Travel Magazine

American Language & Culture Institute (ALCI) director William Dantona is quoted in Language Travel Magazine’s latest issue, saying “People often talk about the Chico Experience when they speak of this region of California.”  The article presents the wide variety of experiences that California has to offer international students.

Make A Cross-Cultural Connection!

This week, the American Language & Culture Institute (ALCI) welcomes a new group of international students from around the globe to CSU, Chico. These students will be participating in a program of intensive English language instruction, and a variety of social and cultural activities. If you’d like to make a cross-cultural connection, sign up to be a Conversation Partner! ALCI’s Conversation Partners program pairs international students with American students and members of our University community. Partners meet weekly to chat in informal situations, allowing ALCI students to improve their English and learn about American society. In return, you have the chance to learn about a new culture and make international friendships. If you are interested in becoming a Conversation Partner, you can sign up using our online form. If you have any questions, please email Whitney at or call the ALCI office at 530-898-6821.

Best of Chico - International Studies

The American Language and Culture Institute is featured in the Best of Chico video series.

ALCI Chico Welcomes Japanese Students from NIC International College

Summer Bridge NIC Students

We are happy to welcome Japanese students from NIC International College, Tokyo, who are participating in the annual ALCI Summer Bridge Program on the Chico State campus.

ALCI Softball Team featured in The Orion

Students of the American Language and Cultural Institute have been participating in the Chico Area Recreation & Park District coed softball league. The team consists of students from China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. The students have been learning about softball and American culture as well as improving their English. The softball team creates an opportunity for the players to interact with other students from around the world, facilitating cultural exchange as well as creating a network of support for the students.

ALCI Students Featured in Chico Statements

You may have seen it.

The current issue of Chico Statements, the official news magazine of the University, features some of our ALCI students from the Middle East.

Check it out by clicking here.

Chico Welcomes NIC International College Summer Bridge Students

We are happy to welcome 38 Japanese students from NIC International College who are participating in the annual Summer Bridge Program on campus.
This year marks the 17th year we have hosted NIC International College students from Tokyo, Japan.

The Summer Bridge Program is an intensive, six-week schedule of English language, culture, and academic preparation courses and activities. The courses, presented according to skill level, enable the visiting student an opportunity to learn English and prepare for academic study. Many of the students will study to meet the language requirement for admissions at Chico State, Butte College, Shasta College, or another university.

During the Summer Bridge Program, students who have met the English language proficiency required for admission at Chico State, Butte College, or Shasta College will be able to take college-level art, history, and geography courses offered through ALCI in conjunction with Butte College.

ALCI Visits Friends in China

William Dantona, our Director for the American Language and Culture Institute, is currently visiting friends in Asia. He is with the Shanghai Shangshi Education Group, affiliated with Shanghai Normal University, at the PRC-Sponsored Shanghai International Education Expo (Shanghai, China, April 14-15, 2007).

New ALCI Director

We are delighted to announce William Dantona, the new Director of CSU, Chico American Language and Culture Institute. Dantona has more than thirteen years of experience working with international students and business professionals. Prior to appointment, Dantona coordinated the successful Teachers Training Teachers Program (3TP 2006), and taught communications in business for the Department of Management, College of Business on the Chico campus.

CSU, Chico Welcomes Summer Bridge Students from Japan

California State University, Chico American Language & Culture Institute welcomes 43 Nevada-California International Consortium students from Japan who will participate in this year’s Summer Bridge Program on the Chico campus.

The five-week, Summer Bridge Program runs through August 4, and features a combination of intensive English language coursework, academic preparation, and cultural immersion. Many of these students are improving their language skills in preparation for admission into an academic program at CSU, Chico, Butte College or another institution.