Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RN's

Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RNs Online Degree Completion Program

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Ten of the 20 fastest-growing careers in the United States are health care-related, according to the recent U.S. Department of Labor’s “Career Guide to Industries.” Yet California has a critical shortage of nurses prepared at the appropriate levels to meet the state’s health care needs. To help meet this mandate, the CSU, Chico School of Nursing has developed the RN-BSN program in a primarily internet based format that accentuates flexibility and convenience for the working nurse, including nurses in distant communities. The program can reach the most distant areas of our rural region, and meet the needs of nurses who have seven-day-a-week, around-the-clock, work schedules.

The CSU, Chico BSN for RNs Offers…

A reputation of excellence. The graduates of the School of Nursing at CSU, Chico are highly regarded by hiring agencies, and by their peers and clients. The RN-BSN program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and the California Board of Registered Nursing.

Expert faculty who are committed to teaching and to nursing practice. The faculty are masters and doctoral prepared clinicians, active professionally in a wide range of clinical settings, in publishing, in the use of computers in nursing, and in research. Your education will reflect the cutting edge of the future of nursing.

Flexibility. The RN-BSN program is designed to challenge the returning RN, offering the same high quality program that the basic student receives. At the same time, it is designed to accommodate the needs of the working RN and to recognize the skills the practicing nurse has already acquired. “Escrow” credit is granted for prior education/experience, to expedite the student’s program in areas where expertise is already established. Course requirements are scheduled to accommodate work schedules.

Cost and convenience. Most RNs continue working while progressing through the RN-BSN program. Local hospitals have encouraged and facilitated the RN returning to school and often provide partial reimbursement. CSU, Chico registration fees are much less than at most private colleges and external degree programs.

State of the Art Resources. CSU, Chico combines a beautiful campus, charming small town living, cultural events, outdoor recreation within easy reach, and state of the art technology to provide the optimum in education and living. CSU, Chico is an acknowledged leader in telecommunications and has been singled out nationwide for its innovation and pioneering efforts in the use of technology in education.

Current Program Schedule

Click the link in the Course column you wish to enroll in below.

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Course Number



RN-BSN Bridge Course
NURS 300W 4 Fall
Nursing Portfolio II
NURS 308P 8 Fall
Nursing Research
NURS 342W 3 Fall
LGBTQ Issues & Identities MCGS 310 3 Winter Session
Nursing Portfolio III
 NURS 309P
 8 Spring 
Leadership Management & Professional Issues in Nursing
 NURS 422W
 3  Spring 
Pathophysiology & Nursing Theory NURS 495W 4 Spring
Portfolio Development NURS 301 2 Summer
Nursing Portfolio I NURS 307P 6 Summer
World Religions & Global Iss (GC) RELS 332 3 Summer
Practicum in Community Health Nursing NURS 474R 3 Summer
Public Health Nursing NURS 475W 3 Summer

Program Requirements

Program requirements for the major: 50 units. Completion of the following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, is required of all candidates for this degree:

NURS 301 e-Portfolio Development (2 units)
NURS 307P Nursing Portfolio I (6 units)
RELS 332 World Religion and Global Issues (GC) (3 units)
NURS 300W Bridge Course (4 units)
NURS 342W Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (3 units)
NURS 308P Nursing Portfolio II (8 units)
NURS 495W Concepts of Advanced Pathophysiology and Nursing Theory (4 units)
NURS 422W* Leadership/Management & Professional Issues in Nursing (3 units)
NURS 309P Nursing Portfolio III (8 units)
MCGS 310 LGBTQ Issues & Identities (USD) (3 units)
NURS 474R** Community Health Nursing Practice (3 units)
NURS 475W Public Health Theory (3 units)

*Writing proficiency (WP) course for the major **Public Health clinical course. Attempts are made to place students in agencies close to where they live, but such placement is not guaranteed.

For More Information


RN Advisor for the School of Nursing 530-898-5891

Application Process

  • Please do not apply to the University until you have been accepted into the program.  To begin the program acceptance process, review all information at

  • Apply online after acceptance into program.
  • Application fee is $55

Fees & Registration

  • Per unit fee is $280 (fees subject to change)
  • Non residence fees do not apply.
  • Registration or drop requests are processed through Regional & Continuing Education. Call Dana Massetti at 530-898-5648 or email
  • Withdrawal, contact the RN/BSN Advisor and RCE

Financial Aid

For Additional Information