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Career Center Workshops

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Forums from the CSU, Chico Career Center are online video workshops that provide tips on finding and getting hired for a job that fits your career path. Also, one of the presentations offers information on getting into graduate school.

Career Center Workshops

Building Your Resume
Getting into Graduate School
How to Get a Part-time Job
Internships 101+
Preparing for a Career Fair
Professional Etiquette
Strategic Interviewing Techniques
Using LinkedIn & Professional Networking (Advanced)
Using LinkedIn & Professional Networking (Beginner)



HealthShare Panel Discussion

Sponsored by the CSU, Chico Career Center, this presentation features a panel of professionals from health-related organizations. They share information about their organizations, as well as opportunities for internships and career positions. Panelists represent the following organizations: Palmer College of Chiropractic, Oroville Hospital, Northern Valley Indian Health, Feather River Hospital, Enloe Hospital (Physical Therapy and Human Resources), and the California Department of Public Health. Presentation time: 42 minutes | View Now

How to Get a Part-time Job

How to Get a Part-Time JobSteve Irving
Coordinator, CSU, Chico Student Employment Office

Steve Irving presents techniques that can help students’ chances of getting a part-time job.  He recommends that a student get started by making it known to everyone that he or she is seeking a job – this means friends, family, instructors and University staff. Along with that, the student needs to identify job listing resources, both on and off campus. Irving then goes online to show students how to access listings at the CSU, Chico Student Employment Office. He also shares tips on resumes, making a good first impression, and follow-up. Presentation time: 36 minutes |
View Now | Transcript

Strategic Interviewing Techniques

Strategic Interviewing Techniques Jodie Rettinhouse
Career Advisor, CSU, Chico Career Center

Learning how to effectively present yourself at a job interview is a key to nailing down the position you want. Ms. Rettinhouse covers everything from pre-interview research to what you should wear. She lists common interview questions and shows how to anticipate certain kinds of questions. She also points out how the interview doesn’t end after the interviewers finish asking their questions – your follow-up questions and a thank-you note can help seal the deal. Presentation time: 44 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Using LinkedIn & Professional Networking (Beginner)

Using LinkedIn && Professional Networking (beginner)Ken Naas
CSU, Chico Career Center

This presentation is for students who either do not yet have an account on the professional networking site LinkedIn or who wish to start actively using it. Students are taught how to create an account. Key techniques are provided to help students effectively use the site to learn about professional opportunities and to connect with others. Presentation time: 29 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Using LinkedIn & Professional Networking (Advanced)

Using LinkedIn && Professional Networking (advanced) Ken Naas
CSU, Chico Career Center

The advanced version of LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for students in their search for employment. Ken Naas of the CSU, Chico Career Center leads his audience through the various sections of LinkedIn, the professional networking site that now has 318 million members. He shows students how to go beyond listing their current position so that they are specific about where they want to go professionally. Videos, photographs, and PowerPoint presentations can now be added to LinkedIn profiles. Naas also advises students to list community involvement, as it can indicate to recruiters that they are well-rounded and have good character. Presentation time: 28 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Getting into Graduate School

Getting into Graduate School Megan Odom
Director, CSU, Chico Career Center

In this presentation, Career Center Director Megan Odom provides valuable information for students who are planning on attending Graduate School. Odom goes over three key processes: research, application, and interview, and provides resource information. Students then ask their questions about graduate school. Presentation Time: 27 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Preparing for a Career Fair

Preparing for a Career Fair Megan Odom
Director, CSU, Chico Career Center

Chantal Sillingford-Horton

Job Recruiter, Kohl’s

In this presentation, Career Center Director Megan Odom and Kohl’s job recruiter Chantal Sillingford-Horton provide helpful tips to help students stand out at a Career Fair. Conversation starters, researching the company beforehand, resume creation, and following up afterwards are explored in detail. After a short video, students then ask their questions about the fair. Presentation time: 56 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Building Your Resume

Building Your Resume WorkshopKendra Wright
Career Advisor

In this seminar you will learn everything you need to know about resumes. Kendra Wright explains the importance and purpose of a resume. She includes advice and suggestions on how to write a successful resume. It includes examples. Presentation time: 40 minutes | View Now | Transcript

Internships 101+

Internships 101Ken Naas
Career Advisor

Career Center Advisor Ken Naas presents techniques to find, secure, and benefit from a quality internship. He shows how you can use the CSU, Chico Career Center and its website to obtain an internship that will give you a head start on your profession. Included is a video from You Tube (link at right). Presentation time: 24 | View Now  | Transcript with PowerPoint | Video - How to Get an Internship

Professional Etiquette

Etiquette play button

Kendra Kittoe
Career Advisor

Acting professionally is the cornerstone for you to get and keep a job. Issues discussed in this forum include etiquette basics, proper table manners, professional dress/appearance, office etiquette, and networking. Many interviews and business deals are now discussed over lunch and dinner; questions and common concerns about how to act in those situations are addressed. Presentation time: 61 minutes | View Now | Transcript with Power Point

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