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Open University Enrollment in Online Classes

The Open University program allows individuals who have not been admitted to the University, or who have been denied admission or academically disqualified, to enroll in non-supervision courses and receive academic credit: (1) with the instructor’s permission and (2) on a space-available basis. Other criteria may be established by the department or college.

Open University is not available if you are an admitted Chico State student. If you are enrolled as an Open University student and decide to apply for admission to the University, you still must meet all regular admissions requirements.

Dates for the fall 2018 semester are August 27, 2018 through December 21, 2018. In order to assure that admitted students have enrollment priority, Open University enrollment in online courses does not begin until Friday, August 24. The last date to enroll in a 2018 spring semester course through Open University is Friday, September 21.

The procedure described here is for enrollment in online classes. The process to enroll in on-campus classes may be found here.

Step 1. Talk to an Advisor

If you plan to use your course(s) toward a CSU, Chico online degree, it is strongly recommended that you talk to an advisor before attempting to register for any classes.

Step 2. Select a Class

Search the main CSU, Chico class schedule for classes with “Location” listed as “WWW ONLINE” and “Entirely Internet Based” below the course listing. You will need the instructor’s permission to enroll (see Step 4, below).

Step 3. Request the Online Add/Drop Form

Starting in August 2018, you will complete our online Open University Interest form below to receive a link to the longer Course Request form.

Fill out my online form.

Step 4. Obtain Permission to Enroll

Select your online class from the main University schedule. You can submit your registration request through the form under “Step 3” beginning in August 2018. After submitting the online class request form to Regional & Continuing Education, and on or after Friday, August 17, send an email request to the instructor requesting permission to enroll in the class through Open University. Contact information for all instructors is available in the faculty-staff directory. Once you have received permission via email from the instructor, forward your approval email(s) to Regional & Continuing Education. You will then be contacted on Friday, August 24, 2018 for your fee payment and enrollment. The instructor’s email permission may not be dated before August 17, 2018.

Please note: (1) Completing the form does not guarantee space will be available on August 24, when we may begin enrollment. (2) Online Sociology classes will not be available to Open University students, as all spaces will be taken by a large group of students newly admitted to the online BA Sociology program. (3) Residents of Chico may not enroll in any online class that is Section 72; these sections are reserved for distance students.

Step 5: Enrollment & Fee Payment

On Friday, August 24, 2018, Continuing Education staff will check if there is still space available in the course(s) you requested and for which you obtained the instructor’s permission. If there is space, you will be notified by phone and by email that you are eligible to take the course. Your payment will be requested at that time by Visa, MasterCard, or check. Payment must be received in full before your registration can be processed. If you choose to pay by check, we cannot process your registration until your check arrives at the Continuing Education Office.

The Open University fee for the fall 2018 semester are $302 per unit. Any debts to the University or registration holds must be resolved before registration can be completed. Financial aid through Chico State is not available to Open University students.

Step 6: Access Your Online Class

After you are enrolled, Continuing Education staff will send you an orientation email. It will provide instructions for setting up a CSU, Chico Portal Account, accessing your courses, receiving technical help, ordering books, and other information to get you started.

Step 7: Prepare for Class

If a syllabus is posted, review the course outline and the book list. Books may be purchased online through the CSU, Chico Wildcat Store.

Disqualified Students and/or Students Who Have Been Denied Admission

If you have been disqualified or denied admission to CSU, Chico you will need the permission of the instructor, the department chair, and an advisor in Academic Advising Programs in order to enroll. This permission is obtained by on-campus students via signatures on an Open University Add/Drop Form. Online students request permission from the instructor by email and then forward their request to the department chair and dean. When all three permission emails are obtained, they need to be forwarded to Regional & Continuing Education. Starting on August 24, 2018, you will be contacted for your fee payment.

Refund and Drop Policy

A 65% refund will be granted to those students who drop their course(s) starting the first day of classes (August 27, 2018) through the fourth Friday of the semester (September 21, 2018). No refund will be issued for drops after September 21.

Students may drop courses without the instructor’s permission through Friday, September 7. From September 8 through September 21, students must request the instructor’s permission to drop via email and then forward the instructor’s approval to Regional & Continuing Education. Drops after September 21 require additional approvals of the department chair and college dean, as well as a “serious and compelling reason.”

Maximum Units Through Open University Toward a Degree

The maximum amount of Open University credit which may be applied toward a CSU, Chico undergraduate (BA or BS) degree is 24 units. The maximum number of Open University units which may be applied toward a master’s degree is nine units. By that point, you are expected to be admitted to CSU, Chico to continue your degree coursework. If you are planning to pursue a master’s degree, please refer to the department office of the appropriate major to check the unit limit. Note: Master’s Thesis/Project (699) courses cannot be taken through Open University.

Student Health Services

If you are an Open University student taking six or more units you may have access to Student Health Services for $138 per semester. You may pay by calling Continuing Education at (530) 898-6105. The deadline for payment of the Student Health Fee is the fourth Friday of each semester.

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need special disability accommodations for accessing any information on this website, please contact Regional & Continuing Education. For accommodations for an event, workshop, or online or on-campus class, please contact the CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center.