Early Start Program at CSU, Chico

Early Start Courses Offered by Chico State

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English ~ Online

ESPE 020 Early Start English

Description: A 1-unit online course in reading and writing. Students will reflect on past literacy experiences‚ complete an essay assignment typical of college writing courses‚ and give and receive focused feedback to revise them for submission. The goal of this intensive and collaborative work is to model the types of writing expected in college and the kinds of literacy practices that lead to success in college. The program ends by asking you to make a careful decision about whether you would like some additional workshop help when you take the English 130 course at Chico State in the fall, or gauge your readiness to complete the for-credit writing course at another CSU campus. This course satisfies the Early Start Program (ESP) English requirement.

Fee(s): $182

Summer 2018 Schedule

• Date option #1: July 5–19
   (Registration & Payment Deadline: June 27)

• Date option #2: July 12–26
   (Registration & Payment Deadline: July 5)

Date option #3: July 19–August 2
  (Registration & Payment Deadline: July 11)

Math ~ Online

ESPM 031 Early Start Foundational Math

Description: A 1-unit online course that is the first of three components of a stretched general education offering for Category IV students. Students completing the stretch sequence will satisfy both a GE science and  the GE quatitative reasoning/mathematics requirements. This first component is intended to prepare students for the co-requisite math and science curriculum offered at CSU, Chico and meets Early Start Math requirements. This offering involves 15 hours of lecture/problem-solving. The course will include specific and relevant mathematics content: Number sense, graphical reasoning, and algebraic thinking. It will also emphasize familiarity with the processes and tools of the co-requisite science course that students will take in the fall.  This will include setting up and gaining familiarity with course content software, university processes, and other relevant campus information designed to support student success. Plan to spend 20-30 hours to complete the course.

Fee(s): $182 + $58 materials fee.

Summer 2018 Schedule

• July 9–July 20
   (Registration & Payment Deadline: July 5)

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need special disability accommodations for an event, workshop, or online or on-campus class, please contact the CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center.