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ELM Workshop ~ On Campus Test Preparation

A Non-credit Workshop that Fulfills an Early Start Math Requirement

Required if: ELM score between 42-48

You might need this if: You received an Old SAT score of 490-540, New SAT score of 520-560, ACT score of 20-22, or EAP score of “Conditionally Ready” … AND you didn’t take, or get a grade of C or better in, an approved senior math class.

ELM Workshop at CSU, ChicoDescription: A non-credit, on-campus review of Intermediate Algebra. Topics include linear equations‚ inequalities‚ exponents‚ polynomials‚ functions‚ rational expressions‚ rational exponents‚ radicals‚ quadratic equations‚ systems of linear equations‚ and logarithms. This course satisfies the Early Start Math requirement but does not satisfy the remedial Math requirement. At the end of the workshop, students should retake the ELM exam to assess if they place out of remediation and are eligible to enroll in GE level math courses. Plan to spend 20-30 hours to complete the course.

Fee:(s) $70 + $20 fee to re-take the ELM test (requires separate registration)
Registration Information: Visit the ELM Workshop Website

ELM Workshop: Wednesday, Aug. 16, Thursday, Aug. 17 & Saturday, Aug. 19, from 9am–12pm   (Registration & Payment Deadline: August 9)

ELM Test: Saturday, Aug. 19, 2pm

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need special disability accommodations for an event, workshop, or online or on-campus class, please contact the CSU, Chico Accessibility Resource Center.