Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU, Chico

Class Locations

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OLLI Class Locations:
Google Maps & Printable Directions

Aymer J. Hamilton

CSU, Chico Campus
Behind the Gateway Science Museum

Printable Map: AJH 118

Beatniks Coffee House

1387 E. 8th Street, Chico

Google Map: Beatniks Coffee House
Bidwell Bridge Studio

965 Salem Street, Chico

Google Map: Bidwell Bridge Studio

Printable Map: Bidwell Bridge Studio

Bidwell Mansion

525 Esplanade, Chico

Google Map: Bidwell Mansion

Butte County Library - Chico

1108 Sherman Avenue, Chico

Printable Directions: Chico - Butte County Library

Google Map: Chico - Butte County Library

Butte County Library - Biggs

464 B Street, Biggs

Printable Directions: Biggs Library

Google Map: Biggs Library

Butte County Library - Durham/Dayton Highway

2545 Durham-Dayton Hwy, Durham

Printable Directions: Durham - Butte County Library

Google Map: Durham - Butte County Library

Butte County Library - Gridley

299 Spruce Street, Gridley

Printable Directions: Gridley Library

Google Map: Gridley Library

Butte County Library - Oroville

1820 Mitchell Ave, Oroville

Printable Directions: Oroville Library

Google Map: Oroville Library

Butte County Library - Paradise

5992 Clark Road, Paradise

Printable Directions: Paradise Library

Google Map: Paradise Library

Butte County Office of Education

1500 Lincoln Street at Robinson,  Oroville

Printable Directions: Butte County Office of Education

Google Map: Butte County Office of Education

CARD Center

545 Vallombrosa Avenue, Chico

Printable Directions: CARD Center

Google Map: CARD Center

Center for Spiritual Living - Greater Chico

40 Constitution Drive, Ste. E, Chico

Google Map: Center for Spiritual Living

Chico Arts Center

450 Orange St., #6, Chico

Google Map: Chico Arts Center
Chico Creek Dance Center

1144 West. 1st Street, Chico

Google Map: Chico Creek Dance Center
Chico Masonic Family Center

1110 West East Avenue, Chico

Printable Directions: Masonic Family Center

Google Map: Masonic Family Center

Chico New Thought Center

14 Hillary Lane, Chico

Printable Directions: CNTC

Google Map: CNTC

Christine MacShane’s Art Studio

561 E. Lindo Ave., Chico

Google Map: Art Studio
Colusa Hall

CSU, Chico Campus

Printable Directions: Colusa Hall

Google Map: Colusa Hall

Craig Hall - Bradley, Gordon 1 & Gordon 2 Rooms

1400 W. 3rd Street, Chico

Printable Directions: Craig Hall

Google Map: Craig Hall

Enloe Conference Center

1528 Esplanade, Chico

Across from the main hospital facility at E. 5th Avenue & Esplanade

Google Map: Enloe Conference Center
Faith Lutheran Church

667 E. 1st Avenue, Chico

Printable Directions: Faith Lutheran Church

Google Map: Faith Lutheran Church

Feather River Recreation & Parks Department (FRRPD)

1875 Feather River Blvd, Oroville

Printable Directions: FRRPD

Google Map: FRRPD

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Meet at: Parking Lot #14

Printable Directions: Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Google Map: Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Harlan Adams Theater

Performing Arts Center, CSU, Chico Campus

Printable Directions: Harlan Adams Theater
Haley’s Martial Arts Center

260 Cohasset Rd # 150, Chico

Google Map: Haley’s Martial Arts Center
Janet Turner Print Museum

Arts & Humanities Building, CSU Chico Campus

Museum Website Directions: Turner Website

Printable Map: Arts & Humanities Bldg., CSU Chico

Juice and Java Coffee Shop

7067 Skyway, Paradise

Google Map: Juice and Java Coffee Shop
Lake Oroville Visitors Center

917 Kelly Ridge Road, Oroville

Google Map: Lake Oroville Visitors Center
Lakeside Pavillion

2565 California Park Drive, Chico

Printable Directions: Lakeside Pavillion

Google Map: Lakeside Pavillion

Laxson Auditorium

On the Chico State Campus

Google Map: Laxson Auditorium
Llano Seco Wildlife Area

Meet at: Parking Lot

Printable Map: Llano Seco Wildlife Area

The Lodge at the Terraces

2750 Sierra Sunrise Terrace, Chico

Printable Directions: The Lodge

Google Map: The Lodge

New Vision Church

1600 Mangrove Avenue, Ste. 177, Chico
(Across from Pep Boys)

Google Map: New Vision Church
Northwood Commons Clubhouse

Northwood Commons Pl, Chico

Google Map: Northwood Commons Clubhouse
The Oakmont Community

2801 Cohasset Road, Chico

Google Map: Oakmont Community
Oroville Centennial Cultural Center

1391 Arlin Rhine Drive, Oroville

Printable Directions: Oroville Centennial Cultural Center

Google Map: Oroville Centennial Cultural Center

Pageant Theatre

351 E. 6th Street, Chico

Printable Directions: Pageant Theatre
Paradise Center for Spiritual Living

789 Bille Road, Paradise

Google Map: Paradise Center for Spiritual Living
Paradise Ridge Senior Center

877 Nunneley Road, Paradise

Printable Directions: Paradise Ridge Senior Center

Google Map: Paradise Ridge Senior Center

Studio One

707 Wall Street, Chico

Printable Directions: Studio One

Google Map: Studio One

Unitarian Church

1289 Filbert Ave, Chico

Google Map: Unitarian Church
Valene L. Smith Anthropology Museum

The museum is located on the CSU, Chico campus in the Meriam Library complex. Note: The Museum of Anthropology is completely wheelchair accessible.

Map: Anthropology Museum
Willows First Lutheran

333 Vine St, Willows

Google Map: Willows First Lutheran

Windchime of Chico

855 Bruce Road, Chico

Google Map: Windchime of Chico

Zingg Recital Hall

Arts & Humanities Building, CSU Chico Campus

Printable Map: Arts & Humanities Bldg., CSU Chico