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Connect-Learn-Engage: Recordings of Academic Forums from CSU, Chico

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As part of Regional & Continuing Education’s efforts to share the valuable knowledge on the California State University, Chico campus, we record guest speakers and academic forums. These videostreamed presentations cover a variety of academic disciplines, and the online format allows anyone interested to access the materials any time, view the presentation multiple times, and print handouts when available. Transcripts are provided for many of these presentations, either with or without PowerPoint slides.

To explore these offerings and view the presentations, use the list of subject areas in the green navigation block to the right.

In addition to these presentations, recorded workshops from the CSU, Chico Student Learning Center, Wellness Center, Career Center, Liberal Studies, Academic Advising and the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center enrich the experience of online students by providing study and test-taking tips, career guidance, and forums relating to mental and physical health.  View a complete listing of those workshops.

Featured Video:

Sex Trafficking: Survivors Speak Out

Shamere McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Sun Gate Foundation & Keisha Head, Secretary, Board of Directors, Sun Gate Foundation

As featured speakers at the annual STOP Human Trafficking Conference in 2015 at CSU, Chico, two survivors come together for a powerful presentation about sex trafficking and its survivors. In fact, Ms. McKenzie states she no longer considers herself a “survivor”; she prefers the term “liberator.” Drawing on their own experiences and the experiences of other women, Ms. McKenzie and Ms. Head tell chilling stories of how traffickers lure young girls into prostitution and how the sex trafficking subculture works. They also explore the societal factors that feed into sexual exploitation: in advertising, pornography, music, vocabulary, and others. The speakers present tips on how to spot signs of trafficking and encourage people to alert law enforcement. And for those who escape, they discuss the ongoing process of recovery and restoration. These two women have joined forces in the Sun Gate Foundation, which provides educational opportunities to survivors of human trafficking.

Presentation Time:  2 hours, 17 minutes