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As part of Regional & Continuing Education’s efforts to share the valuable knowledge on the California State University, Chico campus, we record guest speakers and academic forums. These videostreamed presentations cover a variety of academic disciplines, and the online format allows anyone interested to access the materials any time, view the presentation multiple times, and print handouts when available. Transcripts are provided for many of these presentations, either with or without PowerPoint slides.

To explore these offerings and view the presentations, use the list of subject areas in the green navigation block to the right.

In addition to these presentations, recorded workshops from the CSU, Chico Student Learning Center, Wellness Center, Career Center, Liberal StudiesAcademic Advising and the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center enrich the experience of online students by providing study and test-taking tips, career guidance, and forums relating to mental and physical health.  View a complete listing of those workshops.

Featured Video:

Applied Evolutionary Biology to Address Global Challenges

Understanding Thomas Jefferson Video Image

Dr. Scott Carroll, Institute for Contemporary Evolution, Davis, and Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of California, Davis

This is a time of rapid global change, which means current biological science students will see great changes in their lifetime. Dr. Scott Carroll illustrates this by sharing general information about changes in land use and human population over the past 300 years. He uses the word “Anthropocene” to describe these changes – Anthropocene is a new geologic chronological term for an epoch that begins when human activities have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. Then, Dr. Carroll uses the example of the Soapberry Bug and its responses to change to provide insight into how rapid contemporary evolution could occur. This insect species is able to quickly adapt to a changing environment by utilizing new plant species as food sources.

Presentation Time: 56 Minutes

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