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Forensic Archaeology: Field Recovery Methods

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Forensic Archaeology:
Field Recovery Methods, June 5–9, 2017

This intensive, five-day course will cover applications of archaeology, anthropology, and forensic science to the location and recovery of human remains from outdoor scenes.

Lectures and presentations will cover:

  1. Methods for locating and mapping surface finds of human remains
  2. Search strategies for locating clandestine graves
  3. Archaeological methods used for excavating, documenting, and interpreting grave sites

Supplemental course material will include lectures on forensic anthropology, the recovery of burned remains from fire scenes, interpreting taphonomic events, and the role of archaeology and forensic anthropology in larger scale investigations.

The first two days of the course will entail both lecture and workshops. The outdoor portion of the course (final three days) addresses practical applications for the search, location, and recovery of human remains from both buried and surface contexts through simulated outdoor forensic scenes.

Participant Requirements
and Enrollment:

All excavation and required materials will be provided. Bring a compass if you have one.

Enrollment in this course is based on the permission of the faculty director, Dr. Eric Bartelink.

If you are interested please send an email to indicating your desire to enroll in the class.

Be sure to include your name, university or employment affiliation, anthropological coursework, and/or forensic related experience in the email.

Cost: $625

Max Enrollment: 24 people

Schedule (tentative):

June 5

Lecture Day, Plumas 117

8am - 12pm Introduction to the workshop, forensics, archaeology and case studies
12pm - 1:30pm Lunch (bring own or go downtown)
1:30pm - 2:30pm Introduction to survey and mapping techniques
2:30pm - 5pm Evidence photography

June 6
8am - 5pm

Lecture Day, Plumas 117

8am - 11am Locating and assessing graves
11am - 12pm Excavation and recovery methods, chain of custody
12pm - 1:30pm Lunch (bring own or go downtown)
1:30pm - 5pm Human vs. nonhuman and taphonomy workshops

June 7
8am - 5pm

Field day

8am - 5pm Meet at Plumas 117, outdoor simulation of surface mapping and compass techniques (Lunch: bring own or go downtown)

Thursday & Friday June 8-9
8am - 5pm

Field Days

8am - 5pm Meeting location TBA; outdoor simulation of survey techniques and excavation of remains.  Bring a bag lunch, sunscreen and water.