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Art and Culture in Mexico: 2018 Summer Program

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Arts and Culture in Mexico
June 10–July 7, 2018

Faculty: Dr. Matthew Looper [ Bios ]

Academic Credit: Earn 6 units of academic credit. [ Courses ]

About the Program

This program allows students to experience visual arts of Mexico in person, often in the original locations where these works were displayed or created. This allows students to situate art into a specific historical and cultural context. The sites visited include a cross section of Mexican museums, from large national collections to small site museums, as well as a variety of buildings that represent the gamut of Mexican colonial architecture. We also visit several important archaeological sites, which give the students the opportunity to understand the relationships between topography, layout, and the situation of images within sites. During the program, students will earn 6 credit hours for two independent yet intertwined courses.

In this 4-week intensive journey exploring Mexico’s cultural capitals, you will:
• Tour the cities of Puebla, Palenque, and Mexico City, including a visit to Xochimilco
• Take part in architectural-themed visits to churches and monasteries
• Participate in excursions to Palenque, Bonampak, and Yaxchilan to view frescoes and
monuments that celebrate the power of ancient Maya rulers
• Visit the Frida Kahlo House & Museum and the Anahuacalli Museum
• And more!

Download the informational flyer to read more about the program and excursions.


• Worldstrides Program Fee: $4,554, payable to Worldstrides.

Application and $1,000 deposit due March 15.
◊ Balance of $3,554 due April 15.

• Course unit fees: $1,380 ($230/unit), payable to CSU, Chico by May 1

The total estimated cost, including program fee, course units, airfare, tours & admission, transportation, some meals, and foreign travel insurance, is $6,307.

Academic Credit

Participants in the non-credit field school may opt to earn four units of academic credit by enrolling in ANTH 280 Field Archaeology, ANTH 380 Field Archaeology, or ANTH 480 Advanced Field Archaeology for an additional fee of $240.

This program offers six units of academic credit, allowing you to make progress toward your degree. To earn units, enroll in the following classes beginning April 2 and no later than May 1:

ARTH 472: Maya Art [ Details & Registration ] OR
   ARTH 672: Grad Studies in Maya Art [ Details & Registration ]

• ARTH 473: Mesoamerican/Colonial Art: [ Details & Registration ] OR
   ARTH 673: Grad Studies Mesoamerican/Colonial Art: [ Details & Registration ]

Program Faculty

Dr. Matthew Looper is Professor of Art History, where he teaches a number of courses in art history, with a focus on ancient Mesoamerica. He also heads the Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project. He has published many books and articles on Ancient Maya art and epigraphy, as well as contemporary Maya textiles.