Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU, Chico

Member Spotlight

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As Chair of the OLLI Advisory Council, I am in the unique position to see what is happening from a variety of perspectives. As a result, I am very much aware of the vital role our volunteers play every day. As I was once told, “volunteers are paid in six figures: S-M-I-L-E-S.”  ~ Gayle Womack

Nancy Gipson

August 2014

Nancy, an OLLI member since 2009, gave more than 80 hours of her time in the OLLI office last month to assist with fall registration. Nancy is taking 10 classes this semester and is off to New York City as I submit this story.

Linda Cunningham

September 2014

Linda, starting her second year in OLLI, worked for 21 years with Allstate and brings her office experience to us three days a week. She is currently coordinating the Alpin Hong concert preview and performance tickets. Like Nancy, she enjoys travel and has lived overseas.