Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU, Chico

OLLI at CSU, Chico Annual Fund Campaign

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A Stronger OLLI is a Brighter OLLI

We Love Giving Our All to OLLI!

Your donations keep the heart of OLLI ticking!

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Dozens of volunteers serve OLLI as instructors, office assistants, event support, fundraisers, and leaders. Their gift of service keeps fees low and allows us to offer more to our members. But members gifts to our annual fund are just as important in keeping OLLI alive and vibrant.

For over 25 years we have shared our love of learning with the community. With your gifts of time and money we will continue for 25 years more!

'null'We need EVERYONE! to contribute. Only 14% of members have donated this year. We’d love to hear from 50% of you.

'null'Become a SUSTAINING MEMBER. Giving $100 can be tough, but smaller, recurring gifts of $10 a month are easier to budget.

'null'All gifts are important… whether $20 or $200, each makes a difference!

'null'Give online, give by mail, give in Craig Hall classrooms…but most importantly, give from the heart!

OLLI Annual Fund Campaign

OLLI at CSU, Chico is funded by a partnership between The Bernard Osher Foundation, CSU, Chico, income from fees, and donations from members like you. Your donations support OLLI’s broad goal of enhancing quality of life and health outcomes for people 50 and better through a rich diversity of class offerings and by making investments in our facilities.

Until a mature lifelong learning endowment fund is generated to substitute the need for annual fundraising, the Institute must raise operating revenue every year. Many members have generously stepped forward to support the financial goals of the program, but annual fundraising is imperative to ensure its continuation and good work.

Your contributions will help OLLI reach the following goals:

• Keep membership fees fair
• Increase OLLI’s educational programs
• Provide membership assistance toward annual fees
• Expand diversity of educational programs and social activities
• Meet current expenses not covered by OLLI membership fees
• Assure adequate staffing, space, equipment, and publicity for programming
• Increase OLLI volunteerism and community presence

You can make a difference!

Whether $25 or $2,500, all contributions are important. You can give online or by mail. Just click one of the buttons above at right to Create a Brighter OLLI today. Thank you!