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Redding Program Produces Chico State Graduates

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Redding students attending Chico State at the downtowm Shasta College center 2013

CSU, Chico graduates from the Redding program, front to back, left to right on the University Center stairs: Jennifer Braun, Jack Cambon, Rachel Jordan, Salina Saechao, Mey Chao, Kathleen Brown, Celeste Spencer, Sarah Ervin, Brian Hudson, and (top) Robert Evans.

The Record Searchlight May 14, 2013

REDDING, CA — Ten students taking classes in downtown Redding have earned the right to walk in commencement exercises at CSU, Chico later this month. For most of them, it could be their first time on the campus.

These are the graduates of Chico State’s Business Administration program in Redding. Most of the students attended Shasta College for their first two years, and all have taken upper division Chico State classes at the college’s University Center downtown, where they are completing their degrees.

Bringing their skills to the Redding workforce are Rachel Jordan, Kathleen Brown, and Sarah Ervin, all graduates in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, and Celeste Spencer and Brian Hudson, who made the commute to Chico to specialize their degrees in Marketing and Accounting, respectively. These home-grown graduates plan to develop their careers locally.

Other graduates are eyeing interests farther afield. Rob Evans would like to return to Burney. Salina Saechao is drawn to the Oregon coast. Mey Chao plans to seek opportunities in the Bay Area or Orange County. Jack Cambon is considering visiting his brother in Puerto Rico and opening a business there. Jennifer Braun will continue her education in Europe with studies in psychology.

These students are among the last to graduate in the Entrepreneurship program. The University is in the process of changing its Redding focus from entrepreneurship to Operations and Supply Chain Management. The new focus is designed to develop the capacity to analyze and design for efficiency within a business and with its affiliates. Both faculty and local businesses are enthusiastic about the new degree, but the change makes the current crop of graduates all the more valuable for their expertise.

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