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Chico Book in Common

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Every year Chico State designates a book that all members of our community are invited to read. We are happy to join our colleagues and our friends in the community in reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Greg Mortenson, after his failed attempt to climb K2, wandered into an impoverished village in northern Pakistan and observed 82 children scratching their lessons in the dirt. What followed changed his life, the lives of all in the village, and has emerged as a story that continues to touch thousands with its single-minded vision. Not only did Greg build one school, he has built many, and along the way found himself playing a major role in one of the most historically and culturally pivotal areas in the world today. Please join us and share in this Chico experience. For more information please visit the CSU, Chico Book in Common Web site at In addition, a Facebook Group has been created for the book. The group is open for all to view and join. Facebook logoClick here to view Facebook group.