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Character . Collaboration . Commitment

The Northern California Local Government Leadership Institute at CSU, Chico presents the Leadership Development Program: Building Trust through Character, Collaboration, and Commitment. This program is designed specifically for local government in Northern California who are looking to develop the professional skills it takes to become effective, proactive leaders in the 21st century.

This Program Is Ideal For:

► Department managers    ► Administrative staff    ► Supervisors
► Elected officials    ► Tribal leaders    ► Program directors

The Leadership Development Program is comprised of five workshops that are practitioner-focused and aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness through personal and professional growth in the most challenging areas faced by local government, special district, and tribal leaders. Led by experienced faculty with successful careers in leadership and local government, each session balances classroom learning with real world application.

The Leadership Development Program can be brought to your location as a custom program tailored to your organization’s needs. If you are interested in exploring how to extend this unique training opportunity to members of your team, give us a call at 530-898-6105.

Leadership Development Program Courses

Redefining Organizational Leadership

Redefining Organizational Leadership

Presenters Scott Winter & John Blacklock will explore the elements of exceptional leadership and the role of today’s leaders in preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Participants will learn the core characteristics, skills, and behaviors of outstanding leadership and understand how to coach, motivate, and stimulate the development of leadership skills to prepare employees to assume leadership roles in the complex local government environment. Topics include assessment of leadership skills, effective feedback and coaching, leading across generations, and strategies for retention and professional development.

Vision Development & Articulation

Vision Development and Articulation

Learn the one ability that eludes many of today’s leaders but is essential for success—the ability to articulate a vision and generate creative and innovative solutions for achieving that vision. From presenters Joc Clark & Tim Howey, participants will learn strategies to develop a clear, shared vision; generate innovative solutions that maximize resources; acquire the tools necessary to unleash innovation and creativity in themselves and the organization; and articulate that vision broadly, to both internal and external constituencies.

Media Relations & Assessing the Political Landscape

Media Relations and Assessing the Political Landscape

Discover strategies for building positive, proactive relations with the media, citizens, and interest groups. You will learn a framework for understanding and evaluating the current political landscape, including both a historical context and a look to the future. Presenters John Blacklock & Janet Upton will share their real-world, proven techniques for assessing the political landscape and developing the proactive media relationships that are essential for successful local government leadership. Building and maintaining legislative relationships will also be addressed.

Strategic Thinking & Policy Development

Strategic Thinking and Policy Development

In the current environment of increasing complexity and greater interdependence, leaders must be able to think strategically and make decisions through an informed and inclusive process. In this course, presenters Scott Winter & John Blacklock focus on specific skills required to see and think “big picture” and a deliberate decision-making and comprehensive planning process and policy development aimed at optimizing the organization’s success.

Relationship Building & Strategic Partnerships

Relationship Building and Strategic Partnerships

Presenters Joc Clark & Star Brown will introduce you to new and effective communication tools to enhance teamwork and cooperation throughout the organization. Leaders must know how to appropriately use various power bases to foster collaboration and partnership. This session introduces six bases of power and helps participants assess their own power base. Explore influence as it relates to building relationships, forging strategic partnerships, and effective leadership.