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Learn English in Chico, California - The American Language & Culture Institute (ALCI Chico) at California State University, Chico

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Learn English at California State University, Chico through ALCI Chico

The American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI Chico)

ALCI United Futbol Wins Campus Championship

Located on the campus of California State University, Chico, ALCI Chico offers five, seven-week sessions of intensive English language instruction per year to international students of all proficiency levels, from beginning to advanced.

ALCI Chico facilitates a transition from an intensive English language program to an academic program at Chico State or to other colleges and universities in the United States. The program provides general English language skills for students’ personal and professional growth, as well as an introduction to American culture and the higher education system in California and the United States.

Find out why thousands of students around the globe have found Chico to be an excellent place to learn English and prepare for their academic success.

Come to a great University, enjoy beautiful California, meet our great faculty at ALCI Chico and make English your second (or third!) language (ESL)!

ALCI Chico Special Offerings

  • Open University - Take regular California State University, Chico classes.
  • Conditional Admission - Conditional Admission to the University without taking the TOEFL. Apply to Cal State Chico pending your English language proficiency assessment.
  • TOEFL - Prepare for the TOEFL through ALCI Chico. TOEFL testing offered year-round.
  • Math Preparation Courses - Prepare for University entrance exams or college-level math in courses customized for English language learners.

ALCI Chico Features

  • A safe, beautiful campus, in an affordable, California college town.
  • Small classes with individual attention from experienced faculty and staff.
  • Conditional admission and access to regular University degree programs and courses for qualified students.
  • Use of campus facilities including computing, library, health center, recreation and sports facilities.
  • Fun social, recreational and cultural activities.
  • Active and fun sports activities and events.
  • Year-round instruction with a full schedule of courses.
  • Conversation partners to help you practice your English with native speakers.
  • Chico, California is a great place! Learn English as your second language (ESL), access a great University, and meet new friends!

ALCI Chico Student News

Congratulations Thunderbirds!
Thanks Everyone for a Great Dean’s Cup
Dean's Cup at Chico State 2014 ALCI Chico

Dean’s Cup players get togther to celebrate another great soccer tournament. Thanks goes out to everyone for all your hard play and excellent sportsmenship. Good job! The Thunderbirds beat ALCI United in an action packed final. Congratulations Thunderbirds! See you next year!

Congratulations ALCI United Chico State Intramural Soccer Champs!

ALCI Chico Futbol Champs at Chico State

Congratulations ALCI United, once again, you are Chico State Intramural Sport Soccer Champs! Thank you players, officials and organizers for making this intramural season the best yet. Come to Chico, improve your English language skills and join ALCI United!

Bowling for Fun in Chico!
Enjoying the Great American Indoor Pastime

ALCI Chico English Language Student Join Chico State Students and Bowl

Our ALCI recreation staff recently hosted a night of fun at the local bowling alley. Come to Chico State, improve your English and discover the great American indoor pastime!

Welcome New Students!
ALCI Students Welcome to Chico State

Check out our Spring Calendar of Activites!
ALCI Chico Calendar 2014 Spring 2

End of Session - Thank You Students! Thank You Faculty!

ALCI Chico End of Session Spring 1 2014 at Chico State in Chico California

ALCI students, staff and faculty recently celebrated the end of Spring Session 1 with a luncheon. Shout out to all our wonderful students and our awesome faculty who make learning English fun and exciting. Thank you students, you have added to our University community! Thank you faculty, you are the best! Join us this summer!

Cross-cultural Leadership Happens Here

BSMP Student Photo @ALCIchico IIE

Bruno Torres, a mechanical engineering student from Brasil, is part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program and is studying English at ALCI. He recently visited the student leaders at the Cross-cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) on campus. “Chico is a great place to practice my English and get to meet a lot of students and find out about the California culture,” mentioned, Bruno. ALCI students are always invited to CCLC events and leadership development opportunities. Come to Chico and discover ALCI and the Cross-cultural Leadership Center.

ALCI Chico is Celebrating 35 Years
of International Friendships in 2014!

ALCI graphic celebrating 35 years at Chico State

Happy 35 ALCI Chico! Thank you goes out to all our wonderful students, their families, our alumni, international representatives, and our great faculty and staff. Thank you for all the support in making ALCI Chico one of the best intensive English language programs in the United States!

ALCI Chico Translated Fact Sheets

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Student Teams Forming