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Professional Development Courses & Workshops
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The mission of the economics program is to provide students with the intellectual and analytical tools necessary to function in a dynamic economy. Students are given training in qualitative and quantitative methodology to facilitate understanding of economic theory and policy, as well as the ability to apply that theory to the real world. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter graduate or law school and/or to facilitate a career path in business, finance, government, education, non-profits, and public policy.

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Forecasting Revenue for California's Tax Revenue System

Dr. Jay Chamberlain

Chief, Financial Research Unit, California State Department of Finance

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Dr. Chamberlain, a CSU, Chico alum, directs the California State Department of Finance unit that is responsible for estimating and monitoring revenues from the following taxes: personal income, sales, corporation, insurance, alcohol, cigarette, and motor vehicle fuel. The unit is also responsible for estimating motor vehicle registration and vehicle license fees.  In this presentation, he first explains the revenue structure for the State of California, listing and breaking down revenue sources.  He also presents graphs showing changes in state revenue sources since 1950. In conclusion, Dr. Chamberlain explains the revenue estimating methodology his staff uses to produce data on which to base the state budget.

Presentation Time:  1 hour, 25 minutes

Is California's Future Still Golden?

Dr. Bill Watkins

Faculty and Executive Director of the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting, California Lutheran University

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Dr. Watkins is an expert on economic forecasting. In this presentation, he talks about factors affecting the California economy, including the 2013 Congressional “sequester.” He identifies California trends of recent years, including a higher rate of people moving out of the state, a declining birthrate, a lower percentage of the U.S. economy produced, a population dichotomy of old/rich and young/poor, and a high percentage of Californians on public assistance. In his economic forecast for California, he predicts modest output growth, weaker job growth, and persistent high unemployment. Dr. Watkins also offers his ideas on how to make the forecast more positive.

Presentation Time: 1 hour, 1 minute