Geospatial Mapping & Data Visualization Program ~ Course Curriculum

Methods of Instruction

Video Lecture Content – Participants follow a series of instructor-designed, screen-capture videos that simulate traditional in-person lectures. Additional support is provided by chat boards, FAQs, and access to instructors via email.

Applied Content – Participants utilize instructor-prepared materials to work through basic geospatial data manipulation and analysis on their personal computers, using free trial software.

Geospatial Mapping & Data Visualization Program | Online Professional Development & Applied Training Program

The natural resources industry workforce is comprised of both professionals and non-technical users who increasingly need geographic information systems (GIS) technology skills for display and analysis of asset and resource location, data visualizations, maps, and metrics.

The Geospatial Mapping & Data Visualization Program is a fully-online professional development program intended primarily for those with little-to-no experience in geospatial technology.