What are Online Classes Like?

Early Start at Chico State is Online!

Most of classes are online so that you can complete Early Start no matter where you live, where you’re traveling, or what your summer schedule is like. We’ve been asked lots of questions, like “What is it like taking an online class? How do I ask questions? Can I work ahead?” We reached out to faculty who are teaching Early Start classes and here’s what they have to say….

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in the Early Start program?

Math: Yes, if your score on the Entry Level Math Test (ELM) is less than 50*.

English: Yes, if your score on the English Placement Test (EPT) is less than 147.

Exemptions: The following students will not be required to participate in Early Start:

• International students and residents of states other than California (non-residents).

How Much Does Early Start Cost?

How Much Does Early Start Cost?

Early Start Programs offered at any of the CSU campuses have a common fee.  The Summer 2017 fees will be $182 per unit plus $2 for campus related fees. Fees for course instruction materials may also apply and will be listed on the courses page where applicable.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is the Chico State Learning Management System. Early Start Program courses will be delivered online using Blackboard Learn. 

Registration, Payment & Drops

Activate Your Portal Account

If you are attending another campus in fall, you will need to activate your Chico State Portal account. The Chico State Portal is where you’ll register for and access your class(es) and view your ESP course scores. Log on to http://portal.csuchico.edu and provide your birth date and the Chico student ID # that was sent in an email from Chico State Admissions Office.

Early Start Courses Offered by Chico State

ELM Workshop ~ On Campus Test Preparation

A Non-credit Workshop that Fulfills an Early Start Math Requirement

Required if: ELM score between 42-48

Early Start at Chico State

The Early Start Program (ESP) is a CSU enrollment requirement for first-time freshmen who need help getting ready for college-level English and/or math. The goal of Early Start is to better prepare you in math and English for your first semester so that you have a better chance of completing a college degree.